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  1. Here are the worlds for EU: Abaddon's Mouth (DE), Dzagonur (DE)Augury Rock (FR), Arborstone (FR), Fort Ranik (FR)Baruch Bay (SP)Desolation (EN), Ring of Fire (EN)Drakkar Lake (DE), Miller's Sound (DE)Elona Reach (DE)Gandara (EN), Fissure of Woe (EN)Jade Sea (FR), Vizunah Square (FR)Kodash (DE)Piken Square (EN), Blacktide (EN)Riverside (DE)Ruins of Surmia (EN), Vabbi (EN)Seafarer's Rest (EN), Gunnar's Hold (EN)Underworld (EN), Far Shiverpeaks (EN)Whiteside Ridge (EN), Aurora Glade (EN)Here are the worlds for NA: Anvil Rock, Jade QuarryBlackgate, Ehmry BayCrystal Desert, MaguumaDragonbrand, Isle
  2. Just want to note the tooltip is still wrongly displaying 10 targets. This is a bug with the tooltip and not the skill functionality.
  3. Here are the worlds for EU: Abaddon's Mouth (DE), Dzagonur (DE)Augury Rock (FR), Vizunah Square (FR), Fort Ranik (FR)Baruch Bay (SP)Desolation (EN), Blacktide (EN)Drakkar Lake (DE), Miller's Sound (DE)Elona Reach (DE)Far Shiverpeaks (EN), Aurora Glade (EN)Gandara (EN), Underworld (EN)Jade Sea (FR), Arborstone (FR)Kodash (DE)Piken Square (EN), Fissure of Woe (EN)Riverside (DE)Ruins of Surmia (EN), Vabbi (EN)Seafarer's Rest (EN), Gunnar's Hold (EN)Whiteside Ridge (EN), Ring of Fire (EN)Here are the worlds for NA: Anvil Rock, Jade QuarryBlackgate, MaguumaDragonbrand, Isle of JanthirFerguson's Cro
  4. Hey everyone, Normally we relink on the last Friday of the month but with the holidays approaching and peoples’ availability for the next week or two being all over the place we are going to do links this Friday, 21 December 2018.
  5. Hey everyone,I would like to give you all a quick update about world restructuring. It has been a few months since our last update, and we are happy to let you know that progress has been good. We have overcome a few major snags and bugs and this has put a few of our big goals in sight. What am I working on?I am primarily working on World Restructuring with some of my time supporting the live game. These additional tasks include improvements for some live systems, addressing bugs and a bit of internal support for the team. I have worked on some QoL tasks such as removing participation decay ou
  6. Participation decay pausing was delayed in turning on. This should be working correctly now. Sorry for the confusion.
  7. Yes if you log off or leave a WvW map it will save where you were. When you head back into WvW you'll start back where you left off.
  8. Thank you all for coming out and watching the stream! Thank you for the donations and the awesome chat throughout. It was a blast and I can't wait to do it again. Having fun and raising money for a great cause what more could you ask for?
  9. Come join us in 15 min for the Weekly WvW Stream. This week we join Blackgate in the Mist War. World: Blackgate [NA]Vs. Ehmry Bay [NA]Vs. Yak's Bend [NA]Vs. Eredon Terrace [NA]Vs. Sorrow's Furnace [NA]Vs. Kaineng [NA]
  10. This was a ton of fun thanks to everyone that came out and played. See you all next week!
  11. I think he normally does. I'm the one that's bad at it :)
  12. Today we will be streaming on Aurora Glade today at 2:30 Pacific time 10:30 GMT. Come out and play with us or work toward that achievement and try and take one of us out! Matchup:World: Aurora Glade [EU]Link: Gunnar's Hold [EU]Vs. Ring of Fire [EU]Vs. Gandara [EU]Vs. Ruins of Surmia [EU]Vs. Desolation [EU]
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