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  1. Any tips for improving performance of the whole team? Can play and feel like the whole performance of the team is at fault. I know each person can improve but still one of a team of 2, 3 or 5 etc. Seems hard to do when most players don't seem to know about team chat
  2. I'm guessing its been reported, but 5v5 on the death match maps?
  3. Whilst it would be nice if the skins were unique, there's is still a difference between ascended and legendary, the person with the ascended armour, that looks like the legendary still can't change the stats for free... Its the convenience of the free stat change that's the difference.
  4. Yeah Its annoying now, they vanish when you transform, not just mounts so they vanish alot! Any news on a fix? They worked before!
  5. Yeah I hope its fixed soon, I'm sure they know about it!
  6. Yes like a Bot every other game, Mesmer bots especially. Reported loads:O
  7. The Sand shade count is still vanishing in some content. Wasn't fixed with the update to the patch.
  8. When using a Mount and dismounting the Sand shade count vanishes and doesn't return. Happens throughout the game.
  9. As title suggests when you use the open all function, make it so it stops on the inventory being full, or -1 space before. Not + 1 after the Inventory is full.
  10. £20 is like 22 euros. So not sure it works out? Not sure why the UK needs its on sale, just add it to the Europe one. https://gamecardsdirect.com/guild-wars-gems-pc/ - also this link says the cards are sold out which makes no sense.
  11. Seem to be stuck in Endless losing streaks the last two weeks just going further down the rankings:( Anyone else having trouble, was there an update or something
  12. Its not the US only else is it should have said here....https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/stock-up-for-spring-with-20-off-digital-gem-cards/ No where on that page does it say only available in the US
  13. So its the 2nd of April and Gem cards not available in the UK? Where is the sale?
  14. Doesn't state that _Spring is bursting into full bloom, and it’s a great time to spiffy up your storage, wow your friends and nemeses with a fresh new outfit, or treat yourself to the Black Lion Trading Company’s luxury services. Stock up on gems and save big! From April 2 until April 4, get 20% off digital Guild Wars 2 Gem Cards valued at 2,000 gems and 50% off Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ Standard or Deluxe editions when you purchase them through our Amazon store. Don’t miss this great sale—and keep an eye out for skritt when you bring home your stash of shinies.___ Where does it state its Am
  15. The gem cards are not available on Amazon in the UK....Are they going to be by the 2nd for the sale? Seems a bit strange they say to buy on amazon and you can't.
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