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  1. How do some players have such a high scoring and others don't, Like a player has won 27/lost 25, and rating 1503....yet they have like 400 more points than me. I've won 24, lost 26...those 3 extra wins is not worth 400 point:S even if I won 3 games in a row i'd barley get 50 points. I know I lost more than I won but it still seems a very large difference. And Like above if I got to 27/26 then I would have no where near 1503 points still anyways.
  2. Of course I was good enough? I got there? Doesn't make sense that you suddenly get loads of losing streaks after a good run. Not to mention the match making is rubbish sometimes, hard to get a team that has a chance of winning:S last two matches players gave up half way through. Seems like the match making keeps you fixed and doesn't want to let you get higher up
  3. I agree that the Catalyst takes ages to charge, not really tested the damage yet, but the utilities skills seem pretty underwhelming without the jade,. for example, the Earth one, you only gain barrier if cast within the jade, and the heal skills seems useless, 1468 of healing? That's hardly anything. Okay, the Catalyst charge isn't that slow at a higher level, but it does go down pretty quick.
  4. Okay so I got halfway up to a higher division than last time, but after lots of much harder matches and more losses than wins, i'm back down to pretty much where i finished last season?
  5. Is there a more DPS scourge build, using a bloodsupport on but seems lacking in DPS, and can get taken down easy if you get caught alone
  6. Yes but if it states it cannot be something, then if it can be its bugged. If something Cannot happen then its absolute.
  7. If someone doesn't accept a match, rather than make everyone queue again can't they just kick that person like normal, but grab another person from the queue? Sometimes have to queue 3+ times to get a match, I'm sure more for others. Unless its already doing that behind the scene.
  8. Did I miss the UK one? We had one for America, And one for Europe but nothing for the UK, and now another for America only as Best buy only accepts 10 digit numbers?
  9. The tool tips clearly state that the Lich cannot be Knocked down, pushed back, pulled, feared, stunned, Dazed, floated, sunk feared or taunted. So how come you can get feared? I'm sure I've been pulled and knocked down as well, and how can you get stunned and bound with no way out?
  10. All the characters you have were using the same runes and sigils? If not you would have had to switch them anyway.
  11. You have like a 10 - 15 minute pre event, then a boss that dies in like 20 seconds? Please make it more interesting or last longer with more health or defiance bar or something.
  12. Okay maybe its not but maybe there's other options or ways to use it
  13. Postprocessing — Controls visual quality such as bloom, depth blurring, portal distortion, character lines, light rays, and selective scene tinting. Effect LOD — Limit detail of particle effects. Check-box, on or off. High-Res Character Textures — Enables high-resolution textures for NPCs and other player character models. Requires a map change for the setting to take effect. Check-box, on or off. Light Adaptation — Simulate the way your eye adjusts to light levels. Check-box, on or off. Some of the above might help.... And Anet are workin
  14. You can use the Skiff on your own - having others is optional. But yeah I guess the siege Turtle will need two players - its wvw anyway.
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