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  1. Turrets were designed to control and defend an area. There was nothing wrong with that they did aside from their passive gameplay, as far as their design goes. If they can't provide a prolonged threat, then there is no point to them - and indeed, right now they're incapable of abiding by their own design.They should make them more resilient and give them a charge system for their skills - and at 0 charges, you get the usual turret self-destruct skill.A turret that has been destroyed or self-destructed would start with 0 or 1 charges, as a penalty. A turret that has been picked up could already
  2. It's a skill whose only purpose is giving a self-barrier, with a partial damage sharing downside, on a spec that empowers barriers (impact savant increases them by 15%), in a class that relies on utilities (as it lacks a second weapon slot). Of course it gives a beefy amount - that's all that skill is good for. Put a lesser barrier, and the scrapper will just be taking other people's damage in group situations (and it already happens in modes like WvW).Even then, to avoid issues with PvP, they could just change it and made it give a lesser amount, but affecting allies as well, and removing the
  3. I did say we had gimmick builds, like the static discharge one. They just dealt with the lack of dps (and offensive skills in general) that resulted from a single weapon in different way - the drunk engineer made up for it via boons and at its core depended heavily on traits (and the particular build linked isn't even a core one, by the way). And then turrets...heh. They were explicitely designed as a tool to control and defend an area...and nerfed to the floor because they did just that. I wonder why they even designed them like that to start with, given that Conquest is all about defending a
  4. The meta builds used kits because the balance of the whole class was dictated by their existence. The "worst case", as far as balancing goes, had the engineer using several kits. They couldn't afford making kits strong enough that one was fine to make a strong build...because nothing would stop an engineer from taking more of them. And the other utilities couldn't compete with kits, unless they did something situationally important that a kit couldn't do - like the invincibility provided by elixir S. Let alone having no-kit builds, as the main weapon couldn't deal enough dps alone - because, i
  5. The profession mechanic of the engineer is the toolbelt, though, not kits. Kits are optional, and we lack weapon swap whether or not kits are equipped. Whereas the toolbelt is always there, as any other class mechanic does for their relative profession. We could surely discuss if the toolbelt ended up as a good tradeoff for the cost of a second weapon slot, and it is surely true that kits made balancing the engineer a mess - and they still do, as the sheer disparity of skills you can have between a no-kit build and a full-kit build is massive and hard to account for. Whatever the reason is, if
  6. There is no contradiction, since the first sentence was about super speed activation - delayed on the gyro, as the trait acts at the end of the well, so right on the middle of the stealth duration, and right after the cast with MI. Whereas the second sentence was about the cast time - 0.75s versus 1.25s, and indeed Sneak Gyro is better in that regard.And then you brought out the toolbelt - part of our class mechanic - and then say it's irrilevant to point that out (showing your lack of knowledge about this class - if you just sum up skills and toolbelts in a comparison to equate with other cl
  7. Mounts are equals for everyone. They don't change the in-combat mobility. If your in-combat mobility is superior or equal, you won't have any problem to escape or take down an escaping opponent (as it can't exit from combat either). Someone keeping you busy with their superior in-combat mobility while its allies can catch up is a perfectly fine tactic, and given your past threads i don't see why you should privy them of their hard-earned fights (the defender isn't the one that can decide when to fight something something).I may add that given that you talk about staying alive versus 3 opponent
  8. Sure, wasting a lot of the squad's skills before an engagement sounds like an excellent plan, and it isn't like the already applied stealth is ticking down in the meantime.So since technically even the bomb kit can do smoke fields (and more!) and even comes with a blast finisher, i guess that's even better than MI. We are oh-so-lucky. Guess i'll go to my squad and take the main healer role with my water fields - after all, if everyone blasts them, they would heal a lot. Maybe that will be even a new raid meta.Or probably not. Because it's just stupid. What's the point of wasting a lot of skill
  9. The previous patch saw changes on the Sneak Gyro. People said it was too strong. It got nerfed. People still complain about it being strong. Now Mesmers get a skill that's better in almost every regard but 0.5s of cast time and 3s cooldown and with twice the targets (it doesn't matter what you may think about it, the math is there, it's a fact that it ends up being better). So either the Sneak Gyro is too weak for an elite (as i said before - but since the issue is with stealth itself, maybe a complete rework of the skill should be better) or it's MI that's too strong now (and yet i see no one
  10. Because they run builds with Thermal Release Valve, i guess? (as i said, i don't really care about PvP, so dunno which builds they use there). If they do so, it also means they're carefully limiting their photon forge skill use and using dodges to avoid overheating, so it becomes a matter of checks and balances.That said, even the Berserker is getting a grandmaster trait to negate the toughness malus - as Eternal Champion is getting that 300 toughness bonus to negate the in-built malus. So it's not like there is much of a difference there. The smoke field does nothing by itself and is nothing
  11. It's not "one scenario". That skill is literally called "MASS" invisibility and targets 10 people, it was made like that by design. Not every skill exists for the sake of Conquest, this game has other modes too.And as i said, even the baseline stealth effects are comparable, albeit applied in a different way (single pulse and large radius, versus multiple pulses and small radius). The only thing that made it really, really worse was that mirror effect when traited that inevitably caused reveals (it made no sense, and indeed, it got finally changed).That said, traited MI is just outright bette
  12. For what i read about PvP - i don't really care about that mode - that scrapper would rather be alone in a side-node bunkering. That's what people usually complain about.That said, if the downed attacks after a couple seconds from the activation it's still dead - that reveal will cover all the rest of the stealth applications. If not, it gets a couple more seconds (assuming no one killed it while it was revealed). In that particular situation it may be better, even if slightly. It doesn't make it objectively better in general, though.
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