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  1. i am on step 4 of making my zaihtan skin for my aurene legendary, it doesnt appear to work, i sat there for several minutes spamming f trying to get it to purify, the nearby grenth temple is purified, i have the weapon physically on my person and its just not working at all. i tried character swapping and that didnt resolve it and relaunching the game didnt either. request advice.
  2. not a QoL suggestion or a gem suggestion but a suggestion none the less. various weapon categories have identical weapons that are functionally a reskin, entropy and its hammer twin, cobalt and ebonhawke are two examples but more exist in sword, shield, so on. why not take this to a new level and add more clones then put in a mystic forge recipe to combine them granting unique features. for example in ebonhawkes example we could make it into an earth sword and then when drawn it will have a different elemental property each time drawn. in entropy's case you could give it a color cascade. these
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