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[Bug][Visual] Scrapper Trait Gyroscoptic Acceleration and how it changes gyro range.

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Noticed today that there's a visual bug with the fields on gyros with the trait Gyroscopic Acceleration on. It is meant to increase the range of gyros to 360. Which is does but visually Bulwark, Blast and Medic gyro only show their field rings up to 300 radius. Purge, Sneak and shredder all reach and show 360 properly.

At first I thought it was not visual and just the gyros not reaching the range but I tested it by having people and npcs stand just outside the rings on the bugged gyros. Blast still applies might stacks outside of the visual ring and will blast enemies away, Bulwark still applies the damage reduction buff to allies etc. So it's literally just that the field rings do not extend to their full range. The skills still funtion properly at the correct ranges.

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