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For The Love of God Fix The False 'In Combat' Farce

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Having played WOW for years I got used to "you are in combat" when patently I'm wasn't for most of that time .. Blizzard eventually manged to fix most of the egregious cases

Having played GW2 since release I'm used to "you are in combat" when patently I'm not from time to some, sometime highly dubiously .. but these days it's worse than I ever remember it.


Just now doing Claw in Frostgorge:   in phase two I was plinking arrows from below the platform so at no time did I get affected by his AoEs.  The boss dies and I immediately mount my bunny, jump up to the platform and rezz a player from downed .. I then can't mount till I nearly reach the camp at the top of the slope on foot.


WTF is this? 


If I wasn't 'in combat' before rezzing W(hy)TF am I supposed to be in it after .. and please, don't say it's because the player I helped was  'in combat', they may have been but that was a false flag to begin with, it most certainly should not have propagated to me!


This is beyond ridiculous.


I could list several other cases which repeatedly happen but this one is the most blatant false-flag I've seen so far.

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