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  1. I presume the patch today has broken things, at least 2 of the Hero Challenges in Verdant Brink are no longer marked on the map: the one with the Vampire mobs in the NE canopy on the wrecked airship, the other being the 'golem' one on the metal platform in the far west (the character I'm on has only just hit the zone so I can't give POI names for reference.
  2. So why is it even shown to other characters if they can't do it? Simply pointlessly misleading, especially when the in-game text makes no mention of this gating?
  3. Actually no, it isn't and never was .. that time is simply the addition of all the fatuous time-gates ANet put in to drag it out .. only no-lifers who can play 24/7 to activate the next step after the numerous 2-hour time-gates could do it in that time ... .. AND given the numerous world group events you HAVE to do it'll take longer now than when the content was current due to less players still needing to do one.
  4. Except that in one of the EoD vids ANet seemed to imply to me that Skyscales will be REQUIRED to navigate the new zones.
  5. Went to log out to character selection, got black screen. After a minute or so ALT-F4, now clicking 'Login' just hangs .. happening on two PCs on 2 ISPs.
  6. One guy in the squad who was one of the half of the squad who crashed in the Thunderkeep North meta said he had 3 crashes back-to-back as soon as he got back into the event. ANet, admit it' this patch is game-breakingly (literally) broken, roll it back!
  7. 2 last night and one just now EU .. all members of squad crashed each time .. one just now right on the last boss North., kind of a race to beat it before the timer ran out. 😞
  8. Yes . and no, Mesmers were very busy when this was the 'replay' event, their portals don't cause a loading screen (or certainly didn't when I was running that JP). That said, Runaround wasn't very hard when it was current content, except for the Skritt tunnels which of course were entirely unrelated to the jumping part, I completed it and I'm pretty dreadful at JPs.
  9. I started "Spiritual Renewal" on the first character to be able to do so but took it no further than just 'ticking' the first step. Yesterday I decided to do it on a different character .. obviously on the same account .. and went to the Snowden Drifts location for the next step. She found the bowl in the ground but the NPC wasn't there! I tried on a second character, same thing .. only the original character could see the NPC at that location. I don't recall ANY achievement in this game that only the unlocker could do. Has this always been a 'thing' I just never stumbled ac
  10. Just did the same thing .. I posted somewhere else suggesting to ANet they do what all other MMOs that I play do: have a HARD border to instances. ANet have proved very adept at putting invisiwalls all over the map when they want to STOP players doing something, yet when such a mechanic to prevent players being punished Anet couldn't give a kitten it seems.
  11. Mounts are OPTIONAL, be my guest not using them .. oh, and there's nothing special about the masteries, it's simply 'time played' on whatever content you like to get XP to complete the tracks.
  12. Bombs that don't detonate, waves that become a continuous mass .. ANet should feel embarrassed with the state of this but clearly they don't GAD.
  13. Did the Moonfortress event from the very first objective to the very end .. got the Access Key as evidence .. where's my Plague Scarab Egg for "Bettle Food"? [edit] Yes, I DID do damage to one of the Experiments .. with a 50+ zerg you don't get much chance to damage a second :(.
  14. It's be nice to play several-year-old content that works all the time! Just running it and so far FIVE bombs placed near the target are just ticking over a minute after being placed .. they're NOT detonating. A few have, many haven't. Only way I've found to destroy the targets is to engage them and they seem to desrtruct @ 90% or less.
  15. Why is this the only game I play where instance boundaries aren't simply invisiwalls ..clearly ANet could do this, they do it in every zone! .. FFXIV, WOW, ESO, etc. ALL Lhave hard boundaries and don't resort to giving players the middle finger if they stray too far. In this game you get a warning and then you're kicked out and the whole bloody instance has to be started from the start. With tedious ones like "Forearmed is Forewarned" I'd been suffering it for 45 mins when due to a distraction I managed to run my character off the instance and got kicked out. There's no need for
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