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  1. Simply talking to a vendor got me a crash .. I've no idea how many years it's been since the last time the game crashed. Report sent, no expectation of any positive outcome.
  2. I'm less charitable with the entire design of these missions .. I suspect it was deliberately designed to do it to maximise the annoyance, becuase I see no other explanaition why this 'bug' should ever have existed, the progammer could and should have ensured this couldn't happen. Hint: check where the shields are located and don't drop the boss' crap there!
  3. Instances aren't needed .. the fixation on preventing it not being easier than it used to be is what needs removing ... ... oh, and prevent Mesmer portals and that item you can get that does the same thing too, it'd be intesting to know what percentage of JPs are completed the first time without doing a single jump! Yes, I'm j/k about that, but it's the same logic as preventing mounts to complete JPs.
  4. The two different Mastery types do two very different things, so making them into one doesn't seem at all relevant. As for having to click on the wobbling icon, I agree that this is a nuisance, as well as having no single button method of opening all the satcked-up chests when doing long world events seen in all zones since HoF; not having them auto-open I can see would annoy some people who want to see what came out of each chest and I don't begruidge them that, but a 'loot all' is needed to bring this game into the 2010+ era.
  5. I don't PVP yet I have 4000 Badges of Honor which as I understand it means I could buy a tag from non-PVP areas. That said, I do agree the gating behind PVP should never have happened due to the open world events you mention. [edit] JustTrodgar beat me to it, and reminded me where these badges came from. 🙂 Now, if only the cat badges didn't need venturing into WvW content. 😉
  6. ANet seem to be on the same opinion as most other MMO devs, they want to force players to play 'current' content to get 'current' rewards and so they creat enew currencies every expansion and in very many cases each patch so players can't choose what content to do but are forced on to the curren treadmill. At lease SE eliminate FFIXV's previous patch/expansion's currency each time they add a new one with more powerful gear (and let's face it, it's all about farming 'phat lewt' really) .. I guess it's easier not to bother so ANet, Blizzard, etc. don't.
  7. Indeed, you're all correct, I'm not a raider so anything locked behind a boss kill isn't going to show for me. Thanks for clearing this up for me. Thanks for metioning the recent skimmer addition, in case that was what I was missing.
  8. I have completed all the mastery tracks in my Masteries list, have spent 350 points and could spend 8 more in Icebrood if I had them .. which would make my total 358. However I know there are 8 more somewere, I see many players with a total of 366. So where are the tracks I'm missing? I have completed all in Tyria, Thorns, Fire and Icebrood, I have no more groups of them in my Masteries list. I don't PVP/WvW, is that perhaps where I'm losing out?
  9. D'oh, my bad, I went there expecting a link for the specific achievement like most of the others do for the meta, I didn't scroll down to the bottom to look for notes. I didn't think it could be from combat as I couldn't see how you could mount when engaged (since you can't!) I didn't think of that possiblity. Thanks.
  10. This is an achievement in Drizzlewood, the text of which says "Escape from enemies 10 times using mount stealth" which seems simple enough .. be on a mount, get targetted by a sniper then press '9' to go into stealth. Well doing that doesn't work, I've done it 4 times and still have zero credits. There is no link to a wiki page for this achievement on the "Jormag Rising" achievement list page so I've no idea how to find out just what this achievement expects me to do. What other kind of 'escape' is there if not from the cross-hairs of a sniper? Can anyone tell me what I'm missi
  11. Yes, and it's that step that doesn't work when using the purple replay marker .. which ANet above clearly say is not WAI, in spite of how some of the defenders of ANet are arguing it IS WAI!
  12. Seems to me it's another bug likely caused by a developer implementing the replay using the purple marker mechanism without actually understanding how the original mission scripts worked .. in this case the mission doesn't end when you're forcibly removed from the instance and my guess is that the script that's supposed to trigger the final NPC isn't being played with this replay event.
  13. Doesn't work, the Asura doesn't have anything to say and won't complete the mission like the Wiki says he does!
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