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WvW disappearing backpack (visual bug)

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Holstering/unholstering your weapon can cause the backpack to disappear. It can also happen when you mount up. This bug seems to happen only on certain maps but most commonly occurs in WvW.

To make it re-appear, the checkbox in the inventory has to be toggled to hide and then unhide the backpack. It will also reappear after you re-zone.

My backpack: Ad Infinitum

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I had this bug happen off and on late last Winter/Early Spring on my Thief with Ad Infinitum when he would draw weapons in ANY zone regardless of population and even in an empty Home Instance. 

He was also wearing one of the tiger cubs on his back from the Chuka and Champawat Leg Shortbow. It wasn't frequent enough to be an issue, and clicking the checkbox on and off would remedy it.

I took a bit of a break since May, and I came back to check things out this last weekend. The bug with his Ad Infinitum was there but CONSTANT. Removing the tiger cub and doing a plethora of other things did not correct this vanishing BP bug with him. Also, it was ONLY on my Thief. No other characters seemed to be affected by this.

I understand this "bug" has been around for some time and has a number of explanations from loading issues to yes, having the tiger cub on your back.

I hope Anet comes up with a fix, or there is some kind of work around because this makes my Thief almost unplayable because I LIKE my Leg BP upon which I worked quite hard. I would like to SEE it.

So, you are not alone with this more than annoying bug.

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