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Ephemeral Perpetuality [EP]


Ephemeral Perpetuality is recruiting veteran players and players looking for people to play end game content with. Here in the Ephemeral Perpetuality {EP} guild we have a small growing community of skilled players interested in all facets of GW2. Our Guild is an awesome mix of people from all over the world who we enjoy playing with. We operate as a tight knit friend group and we enjoy people who join voice chat and participate in our shenanigans. We enjoy helping each other progress on individual goals and we are looking for more people who enjoy the same. While most of us specialize in end game content; we are also our own network for player trading to help support and facilitate our community and members independent growth.

We are looking for like minded players to fill content like daily fractal cms and raids (we could really use fills that can HK on Deimos and more people that can tank) on Wednesdays. We enjoy laughing and our humor has no boundaries, however we will not tolerate discrimination. Discord is required for this guild, as we are a social 18+ guild.

If you join us you may be subject to being stuck in the drive thru with Hugo, listening to Aukii talk about how to cook (anything), and an influx of dank memes. If this interests you or you have any questions please contact me in game (ArtemisJade.9068) or on Discord which is JadeArtemis#5111. Other people you can reach out to are:

Aukii (I Speak Pokemon.8413) Discord Aukii#2246

Hugo (Hugert the Great.8017) Discord Hugo124#2130

Perfect (Perfectirijillo.4835) Discord Perfectirijillo#1086

Aaron (DraGonfly.9317) Discord Swallow The Roach#1493

If you respond here, I probably won't see it for a while so please feel free to reach out in game and/or on discord. We're pretty active and you should probably have a response in 24 hours. Hope to hear from you soon!

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Bump! We are still openly recruiting. We are mainly looking for veteran players and players who already know and are looking to play end game content with a small group of friends. However, if you're new to content as well and looking to dip your toes in we could definitely guide someone looking to learn as well. 

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