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The trading post, slingshots, and fireworks!

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I know how ridiculous this sounds, but as I said on the official Bug Report, this is just too goofy for me to have made up.

Since sometime last night, every time one of my necromancer (technically reaper) characters lists something on the Black Lion Trading Post, she appears to pull a slingshot out of nowhere, shoot an invisible something almost straight up into the air, and the sound effect of in-game "event fireworks" plays:  "Fwwwwp-zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...." Every. Single. Time.


I've logged COMPLETELY out of the game, and I've tried logging out just enough to switch characters, and had alts sell things on the TP without the bug affecting them (or at least, not yet.)

It seems to happen with both the "sell instantly" and the "list this item" buttons.

Obviously a reaper has no business firing a shortbow with a slingshot skin in the first place, which makes this whole thing even sillier!  I asked in local chat in Divinity's Reach and Rata Sum if anybody else could see or hear this animation and didn't get a reply. It's certainly not a game-breaking bug, but it's sort of annoying to hear it every time I sell something.

So has ANYBODY else had this bug happen to them?  I  can't find anything else like this on the forums, and Goggle didn't show me anything elsewhere. Thanks in advance!

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2 hours ago, Nate Anabe.6091 said:

Sounds like you got the confetti mail carrier enabled. Does it look something like in this video



1 hour ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

First thing I thought of was Mail Carrier. 

Check what's on each character. 


Ohhhhhh, thank you both VERY much -- that's exactly what it was!!!

I wouldn't have expected a mail carrier to work with the trading post like that, and I don't even recall enabling that mail carrier when I purchased it recently, but that solved it -- thank you both again!


Edit: from the wiki: Mail carriers are shown when:

  • Sending a mail.
  • Receiving a mail.
  • Putting any good for sale in the Trading Post.


At least I know about it now!  😃

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added wiki quote
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