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Skyscale dyes, an issue.

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Dear devs, I think there was an oversight with skyscale dyes. Some of them you can dye the saddle and harness thing on, but yet on the more prestigious ones you cant. Take for example Aurenes prismatic skyscale the stargaze skyscale Frostsoul ect, the flat boring greyish harness and saddle ruins the look. But yet lesser skyscales without the fancy looks can have their harnesses and saddles dyed. Maybe its an oversight, but the dull color of the harnesses and saddles really looks wrong against the beautiful skins. Could you allow the ones that missed out on a dye job to be dyed please.

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4 hours ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

I'd guess that since there are only 4 dye channels, that something you previously could dye would have to be given up to dye the saddle/harness...or that it would need to take on the same dye color as the harness/saddle.

They might not be complimentary.  🤷‍♂️

Thats how it works on the skyscales you can dye the harness. Only 4 dye channels on them too, but they dye, these are pretty noteworthy skins they should have the same dye ability as the other skyscale skins. i can tell you from having them it looks so much better on the ones that dye. 

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