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[NA] [OCX] Looking for casual friendly WvW guild


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I'm looking for either an Oceania/Asia Pacific based WVW guild or one that has a fairly decent presence in that sort of time zone. I'm not a hardcore player (I get on as much as I can but that's usually only 3-4hrs/week) and am not as skilled as I'd like to be, so hopefully it'd be a guild that's fine with that.

I'm a Necro main (Scourge), for the moment anyway, and WvW is currently the only game mode that I play. I am in an OCX guild currently, although it is PvX and doesn't have a very strong WvW presence outside an organized run 2x per week (one of those is on a day I don't frequently get to play). My server is Sea of Sorrows but I am primarily wanting to build relations with a WvW based guild for when Alliances comes into effect.

Thanks for your time.

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