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Problem with Google Apps Script URL Fetching, error code 429


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I am having some trouble with the GW2 API and some script code I am testing for a project. I am using Google's Apps Script program so I can send item info into a spreadsheet. 

I ran this code:


It worked a dozen times until recently when I started getting a "Request failed for https://api.guildwars2.com returned code 429. Truncated server response: {"text":"too many requests"} " response.


I ran the same code on my phone to check if my IP address was blocked (which seems strange because I thought the app ran in the cloud) and it ran. I ran it multiple time in a row to see if it would get blocked and it still hasn't on my phone but on my PC it's still blocked. I  then changed my IP on my modem to see if it would fix it and it worked for like 5 runs before it got blocked again.

I don't understand why because I was reading that the rate limit was 600 (per minute?) and I don't think the function sends more than one each time I run it, and I'm only running it between edits. I also should not that entering the URLs into my browser works perfectly fine, which I thought would present the same error if my IP address was indeed being blocked.

I have also ran someone else's "importJSON" code I grabbed from a website and it seems to actually work as my spreadsheet refreshes every time I run it even though it uses the same URL fetching function.

Can anyone help me with this?  I'm really stumped.

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