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Mastery notification constant popup


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Even before I unlocked masteries I've got the notification: "Your current ability is ready to master!" when I've got full exp bar after lvl 80. I did have mastery points but the mastery system was not yet unlocked. When I unlocked the masteries I've unlocked first tiers of pact commander mastery but then the notification came back even though I couldn't train next tier of pact commander because of missing mastery points.

The notification wording would fit my following proposed change to when it appears.
1) Allow players to select mastery and get the notification "Your current ability is ready to master" only if you have enough:
a) mastery points to progress in selected mastery
b) mastery experience in selected mastery

c) unlocked masteries themselves by completing 

- Heart of Thorns, Act 1: Torn from the Sky

- Path of Fire, Act 1: Sparking the Flame

- The Icebrood Saga, Episode 1 (Whisper in the Dark): Silence

option c) would allow players to not get notification even with full exp bar before unlocking masteries


2) Once you'd be finished with last tier of the selected mastery, there could be a popup window like finishing renown heart offering player to select different mastery, this would open masteries section for that region.

1) is probably how devs meant for it to work, 2) is promo for different masteries within the mastery region.

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