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Pre-show Elita Specialization + Beta


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''This is not a rent'' I don't know is it good or bad that A-Net decide to show elita space before near realease time. I don't know if they look for feed back from players to see what they want and expect but its two sided sword showing some one that is in beta far from finish and give them expectation of as its final thing. Do you guys think A-Net shode have take more time and hide e-space till neer end and polish it more with better spec preview or what we have now with this wierdly made previews with don't make spec shine. I see lots of people complain about staff that is unfinish and long way from final date of release.  What you think guys about this way of giving players new expension from older ones.

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That's why it's considered to be a beta, because these specs are unfinished and ANet is wanting feedback on them, as well as wanting to give players a preview of them ahead of time, to keep the hypetrain chugging along by building anticipation for the specs that players enjoyed trying out. Both Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire had this same beta preview of their new elite specs, so this isn't anything new, ANet's just continuing tradition, here.

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Arenanet allegedly wanting feedback is one of the reasons for these betas.

However, given their years long track record of ignoring 99%+ of the feedback on the forums, I doubt they will change much (if anything at all) on the basis of feedback.

At best, we should hope they'll fix the bugs we may find and report during the beta.

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