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Dragonhunter virtues bug(?)


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Its kinda weird, i like to play longbow DH even tho is kinda weak, and i think i found a bug, does Hunter's Verdict counts as a Virtue? For the sake of "Insipiring Virtue" it counts and gives me the sweet damage bonus, but for "Inspired Virtue" and "Virtue of Resolution" it doesn't. I need Resolution to keep my damage crit change and might on this longbow build, the greatsword users tho, have it for free on a weapon skill, but i have to use traits AND a utility skill only to keep 100% resolution time, if you do fix this bug please make in a way  Hunter's Verdict counts as a virtue to "Inspired Virtue" and "Virtue of Resolution" instead of making it not counting as a virtue for "Inspiring Virtue".

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