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Lets talk Trailers


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End of dragons is comming out soon. The game is better than ever as more and more players come to GW2 as some other unspecified MMO crumbles into dust. This is a massive opportunity to gain a huge momentum for the devs. However I feel like Anet is letting this opportunity slip through their fingers.

Remmeber the original E3 trailer and the 1 year anniversary trailer? Those were some decently good trailer. Right now we seriously need an epic trailer, that will make a non GW2 player to say: "Holy crap, I gotta try this game". But instead the End of Dragons trailer we got was kinda "meh" at best and for me as someone who never played GW1 it was really really pointless trailer and honestly boring AF. 

Now immagine how someone who never played GW before has to feel after watching that trailer. My guess would be, that their reaction would be: "What the kitten?"

We need some super awesome epic trailer, that really captures the great gameplay of Guild wars 2 and its strenghts. 

What are your oppinions about  how Anet handles this window of opportunity and its marketing?

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I agree.

These are really good:

https://youtu.be/Em0Sd60iI2w - Teaser
https://youtu.be/FU1JUwPqzQY - Manifesto
https://youtu.be/YEdr8HHJ-zU - Races of Tyria
https://youtu.be/rkPwxUu6kSI - Anniversary Trailer
https://youtu.be/mGZPSBod6d4 - Fractals of the Mists
https://youtu.be/IOUk2y0K2m8 - Heart of Thorns Expansion Announcement
https://youtu.be/cGZ4X7cER8k - Path of Fire Launch Trailer

Also season 3 trailers are really good too.  The trailers that we have seen so far for EOD have been quite "meh".

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