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Can we do something about conjure weapons?


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Every Elementalist PvE (power) dps build runs these across every elite spec, but they are very clunky and unfun to use, other people steal them off the ground, etc. Ele needs dps utility alternatives to these, or at least a re-work to make them like engi kits for example.

Even if Catalyst has an offensive boon support role in raids or fractals you'd probably still run the conjured weapons for extra dps, because all other utilities are just bad.

Enough with the conjure weapons jail.

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No. Has been asked at least 10 times before (in the last year), and the answer has clearly been no. The last time conjure weapons were changed (except for a very minor change to earth shield in november 2017) was 8 august 2017, BEFORE PATH OF FIRE.

In fact, conjure weapons are so forgotten that they didn't even take part in any pvp balance updates and all their skills completely lack wvw/pvp splits, even fiery great sword.


To put this into perspective, guardian had it's mantras reworked and the name of retreat changed to advance because of very minor inconveniences and a single forum post with less that 5 heats (only 1 patch after the forum post btw).

Nobody cares about community feedback on ele, and the latest expansion specialization should be a clear indication of that. 


Stop screaming in the void, it's not going to scream back at you.

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Right now, conjures are the only thing making hammer playable, for me.  I'd love for them to be improved. The fields from axe and hammer conjure go well with hammer, since hammer has no fields, only combo finishers.

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