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Heal/Support fractal + solo pve


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Hi guys, I am starting to work on my gear for Guardian. 


Im looking for a build that would be good for both support role on fractals and solo pve content. 

Is this combination even possible? 


Thanks for your tips! 

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Try a celestial healbrand. Leadership runes for a little more party support (and the ability to use ascended food for the +10% outgoing healing or -10% incoming damage effects), or Firebrand runes for more dps. In raids or crowded open world events, I'd recommend taking Honorable Staff over Empowering Might (the might is typically covered by other people in these cases).

Leadership runes: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PWwAc+ZlRweYdYkYRL9+8B-zxIY1oj/MSQKEiKwjTTA+qA-e

Firebrand runes: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PWwAc+ZlRweYdYkYRL9+8B-zxIY1oj/MSQF0hUQszCPTbA-e

(It's possible to make the monk and traveler rune sets work too, but I've had a hard time justifying either of them over these two.)

Third util intentionally left blank, as you should think of it as a free space for whatever utility is needed for the next fight. In a pinch, you can also give up purging flames if you really need to bring two strong support utils.

Great utils:

  • Sanctuary: Fantastic CC, a little bit of healing, can keep trash off of allies when you're trying to res too.
  • Bow of Truth: Solid healing skill.
  • "Hold the Line!": Normally garbage, but it's a great source of protection with the high boon duration of this build.
  • "Stand Your Ground!": Ten-target stability and a personal stunbreak on a 30 second cooldown. This skill is busted. Abuse the hell out of it.
  • Wall of Reflection: Very good reflect with a short cooldown.

Good utils:

  • Hammer of Wisdom: Decent CC when you need something with a shorter cooldown (Artsariiv split phases). Usually worse than sanctuary.
  • Signet of Mercy: Sometimes helpful if you need a long-range (900 units) res.
  • "Advance!": More aegis is occasionally great to have.
  • Mantra of Lore: Usually overkill (you have purging flames, cleansing flame, and tome of resolve), but sometimes you need more condi cleanses.
  • Sword of Justice: If your group has poor vuln rampup/upkeep, SoJ is a solid pick if you don't need to bring any extra defensive utils.

Additional note: You can take the elite mantra (stability/resolution/aoe stunbreak) if you need more stab, but you need to change Legendary Lore to Weighty Terms to make up for the lost quickness from dropping FMW.

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In fractals, your pre-buff rotation is pretty simple too.

  1. Feel My Wrath
  2. Purging Flames
  3. Holy Strike (Staff 2)
  4. Symbol of Swiftness (Staff 3)
  5. Empower (Staff 4)
  6. Mash through your heal and quickness mantra charges during empower, take the mistlock to refresh cooldowns, and run in.

If you want to sweat a little, put Hold the Line on your bar and cast it before taking the mistlock, then swap it to whatever third util you'll be running for the fight. Similarly, if you're planning on taking the stab mantra (elite), you can swap FMW to it after the mistlock.

Don't make the mistake I see so many other healbrands make, where they try to cycle through every tome and apply every boon. It's a total waste of time once quickness, fury, swiftness, and might are covered.

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