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DX11: Possible bug?

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Hi everyone.

Today I decided to give DX11 a try, also to help Anet with feedback during this beta.

So far my experience is as follows: 

I ticked the "Enable DX11..." box, restarted the game, and logged in again. Right at character selection screen I noticed that the graphics were the ones we get when we select "best appearance". Once in-game, I checked the graphics options and was surprised to see that the "Enable DX11..." box was unticked. I ticked again, restarted the game again, and logged in again. Just like before, the box never stays ticked. 

Another thing I noticed is that my Full Screen option is acting like Windowed Full Screen, meaning I always have the game open in the background. Basically there's no difference now between Full Screen and Windowed Full Screen for me.



Are these bugs?

Thank you!


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