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The Elite Specs


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This is my take on the Elite Specs in PvP and PvE, this may be a bit not favorable to many since I am used to a certain type of gameplay (fast pased).

However, here it is...

While playing Bladesworn, The general play style is alright, it's a huge turn from the usual burst skills. I have to be honest, I don't completely like the new F1/F2 mechanic especially after locking away second weapon, I mean, Necro mancer and reaper get access to a 5 new skills without losing one set for it, so I don't see why warrior has to trade, if the argument is that Dragon Trigger is too strong, the same can be said about Reaper Shroud.

However, my biggest complaint is the charging stance and the duration it of the charge, especially in PvP. I don't like to stand still while charging, A huge giveaway and it's a sign to focused me in a decent match against people with brains, and it takes a lot of time even with the reduced bullets trait.

Fix: 1 - Dragon Trigger Charge attack - Remove the stationary effect, and let the players move while charging (and no, the port skill is not that useful.)
Or, 2 - Charging duration: reduce it through a traitline in exchange of damage output. I would take reduced damage anyday than 5 second of charging.


Still, overall, the class  and the idea behind it is good.

Vindicator suffers the same problem too with the double legends, in all honesty, if they brought only one legend and added something more to the class instead of that endurance F2, I would have been happy. I will not shy and say that the class is weak in mechanic, The Blue Elite is an absolute crash, While I can Respect what they were trying to achieve by making it eats your health away, however, it shouldn't be to the point of killing you, and the ticking damage is insane, This should be working on energy upkeep only and maybe a bit of helath that stops at a certain point, let's say, if it's below 50%, it stops eating your health and maybe get an increase in outgoing healthing.


Another thing is, I feel like the class is very weak in terms of class mechanic, yes, three legends, huge evade, but the F2 is a let down, a cool downs swap and endurance recharge are not gonna cut it, not after the Renegade Arsenal of F2/3/4.


The idea behind the dodge is solid, but yet again, the dodge takes time to land in PvP, a dead giveaway, It's still blockable, and it can be evaded. I am not saying it's a bad idea, no, it's a solid idea for the dodge, however, I still would prefer if it didn't take that much time.


Fix: Reduce the jump/dodge duration while adding movement boost while dodging.



Well, as for Ele I have nothing to say on. I am not good with the class as a whole to give feedback.



Anyways, Thanks for reading and at the end of the day, this was my take, you may like it or hate it. See ya! 


Ezra out.

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