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Cant buy PoF/Hot (Germany)

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i want to buy PoF/HoT for my 2nd account ( stalkingwolfalt.7918) and with the Promo Key from Amazon.

But i dont get the S-ID Check Information on my Smatphone and the webshop always ends with "The payment authorization failed"

Card Number is correct, enough money on my bank account 😉 The webside opens a small white box and then closes the box with the message above.

Edit : and it looks like i cant use the promo key in the ingame shop from the game?!

Edit 2: oh nice. now the S-ID Check worked. my S-ID Check app said "Confirmed" and the Webshop said "The payment authorization failed". 
no game unlocked ingame.

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Added 2nd Account name
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