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I need an explanation

fran aguilar.4130

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i can do pve any event any world boss = NO LAG

i can do pvp = NO LAG

i can do solo wvw = NO LAG

i can do 50man tag karma farming = NO LAG

i can do 50 vs 50 = NO LAG

i cant do 50 vs 50 vs 50 = LAG 3000FU NO LOVE LAG

obs.= before this wvw map update I had no problems, NO LAG on any circumstances

allready call the ISP ( i have no problems on any other game)

thx all

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if we all experience it then its on Anet side, if you are the only one experience it, its on your side.

i have 250 ping so my skill lag is 0.25 second delay when i press button before my skill starts to activate or advance my dodges to 0.25 second to timely dodge  an enemy attack, i have to predict almost always for that.

for solution there are many, but first contact your isp, also traceroute gw2 servers to see

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