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  1. by the time you get that get another one or two, you'll be gold for sure on ranking and maybe plat :)advance congrats!
  2. Its a Legendary component (bling bling), its a "Player vs Player" Legendary componentfor me the hardest to get was the Mystic Tribute
  3. Warrior is my least played class in PvP.I think the images shows why.It took 3 or more screenshots to kill you while for example on my 2nd least played class the mesmer, it will only take one screenshot of combat log to down a core shout guardian
  4. There will be a time when you are attentive enough by experience on what enemies are doing, their pattern.You will see enemies make changes when they are killed by you.You will see them make changes to win.If they don't make changes on how they behave if you perma kill them on that same node, that's a bot.Also, if you are trying your best but still being outplayed by better enemies and your teammate thrash talks you and tell your a bot to everyone ingame as well as the PvP lobby mapchat, that teammate of yours is a Douch of the Arena
  5. i was thinking if the winrate matchmaking is better though also if what is its flawsthis only on solo que though, if its a complete 5man party then we will all know who is the top 5 in every timezone
  6. Originally replied as a comment on a deleted thread here so... At a broad glance, the rating system for GBL behaves just like the well-known Elo rating system and we have generally assumed that it was indeed simply Elo, a guess that was necessary as Niantic, for reasons I don’t understand, is not transparent about their GBL ratings. It turns out that GBL ratings don’t use Elo itself, but a generalization (a more sophisticated version) of it called Glicko-2. In all normal cases, for active and established players Elo and Glicko-2 behave very similarly and can hardly be distinguished from each o
  7. When i was new i dunno about skill level of player, i just learn eventually from experienceYes, people afk for some reasons, i dunno why thoughPeople have different strategies, infinite strategies, not limited to the meta, it whats makes or breaks a gameinb4 the bots were the chat spammers selling golds, now its the real game bots
  8. Chrono active 2 dodgeMirage active 1 dodge3rd elite active 0 dodge make it chance percentage like passive
  9. Buff healthpool instead to golemlike hp.Its like watching a football game and you expect a knockout performance like in boxing, so boring.
  10. My post was deleted by a mod and jailed me for a few days.
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