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  1. Hmm, you're right they don't act to feedbacks at ALL. They created a poll once. They a showed the results on what majority of feedbacks on what people wants. Almost all people wanted to be heard, what did they do? They asked people if its more beneficial to create and ingame voting system to know what people want or they will just do what SOME people think is beneficial to the game. The choose to didtch the ingame voting and proceed to do what SOME people wanted in game.
  2. "i wrote a feedback because i bought or will buy the expansion on MY money which means which means they don't listen to ALL feedbacks"
  3. You can buy it anytime. Or not buy it at all. It depends on what content it is being offered atm, if you like what you saw in the livestreams like afk fishing or sitting on boat spamming emotes or riding a big turtle and role play as if you are riding a rollercoaster ride on your screen. You can buy it now. If you don't like what you saw on the livestream, but still waiting for more content, you can buy after release date. If you don't like what you saw now and will saw in the future on the release then don't buy it. If you want to support the game and give charity even if you don't li
  4. Games still have subscription fee 2021? Try playing eastern MMOs. Those are fresh apples vs rotten orange ideas. Shhhh, only fresh apples here folks. -Tybalt
  5. I got my refund now. It's easier than expected. Filed a ticket that I wanted a refund and the reason "I don't like the content". You will receive an email basically saying "Are you sure about that?" I replied yes definitely. Got my refund within few hours. Oh it's 29th of the 30 day time limit. Enjoy fishing guys! Mod can close now
  6. I think the OP here is asking for PvP content ideas. He even said "I'll take anything even a dev saying the word EoD and Pvp in the same sentence." You did good though, "price and money" on your answer😁
  7. My favorite is gameplay animations, Example is Virtuoso (by definition its a person who has exceptional skill, expertise, or talent at some endeavor) I was expecting this Virtuoso type of gameplay animations, beautifully fluid flow performance type of gameplay. Like playing Paganini's Caprice 24 in piano. BUT it is not, you instead shoot twinkle things and you are like playing twinkle twinkle little stars on piano. Also my expectation on Virtuoso's Elite skill is like Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasm "Enuma Elish' Which is the character is based upon in the first p
  8. I'm just speculating their use. But for DPS on foot is still and should be better. The only purpose for that mount is like a roller coaster ride for the gunner if people enjoy that roller coaster VR thing which makes you dizzy
  9. You destroy elevated jade walls with cannon or body smash aoe it then jump? Same function as roller beetle walls but elevated and green colored? Zerging nah, afking yah
  10. I regretted buying the xpac, I wished they add refund button in-game.
  11. We need this kind of thing on mounts. We already have it on Silverwastes, tons of them, though not on mounts yet. When i saw the livestream that the dev runs around in circles, this video came to my mind the first time.
  12. Ive done it, there is none. Thats why this exist. Maybe you can read it yourself, trust me you i've done it many time. Also for future reference, make sure you read the Topic title and description before suggesting generic copy pasted answers which the support usually does.
  13. I'll test it here for a day to see if how much loot it can get without getting pulled by ibogas. Mass Turtle army farming bombardment... Lets Go! PS: Sorry to some that I think I popped their balloons. But Im just being.... again brutally honest.
  14. I think yes for GW2. But GW3 would be better release after EoD. Or they can just make mobile game instead. This game is too old even modern smartphones can play this easily.
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