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Unplayable metas - DC issues

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I cannot play a single meta anywhere in the game without getting frozen and dc'd. I can't do Drakkar, Octo, or even Matriarch. It's anywhere in the game where you get a ton of players, and it just freezes, disconnects, and I load back in to 0 loot. I'm not using the Dx11, I don't have arc or anything else running. I haven't had so many issues with just playing the game anymore. It's not a wifi issue, it's not a computer issue, it's a GW2 only issue. And it burns me out waiting hours for metas, sometimes leading a late Drakkar, and missing out on loot. I can't go to raids, because of the risk of a DC, WvW is absolutely awful to run. Especially on Friday with reset, get in at reset, dc after 5 minutes. Back to a 50+ queue. I miss running metas where I'm not scared of getting locked out of my own commanded squad map.

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