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Double Candy corn gobbler

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Hello everyone,

Yesterday I accidentally bought two candy corn gobblers cause I pressed the button to buy one, it was stuck showing that loading circle, then I clicked again so I received two emails with candy corn gobbler.

Firstly, I would like to know if this can be considered "illegal" by ANet, meaning that you can only have only one gobbler and somehow I bugged it out and now I have two.

Secondly, if it is any worth having two of those things? For example can I have two different bonuses at the same time?

Finally, I was considering to contact customer support for that issue but I think that it was my fault after-all and I would busy them for no important reason.


Thanks in advance!

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If you don't want to pay for two candy corn gobblers you should be able to contact support. I have contacted them when I bought an item by mistake with WvW currency and they were happy to help.

I have my candy corn gobbler in one of my shared inventory slots, so all my characters have access to it, there is nothing wrong with it, which makes me think there should be no problem if you wanted to buy multiple candy corn gobblers for your characters, it seems like a very bad choice but if you are ok with it I don't think ANet minds if you want to buy your characters a candy corn gobbler for each day of the week.

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