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Interesting theories on Support Mech


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Now that we have a more detailed list of the spec traits out for us to look through, I've been noticing some very interesting things about our new spec. We can achieve:

Inventions and Alchemy(Support) 

Permanent Self Enhanced Protection & Aoe Protection/ Weakness/ Barrier/ Alacrity/ Regen Application. Literally 100% uptime!

Our shield CDs can be reduced to 15 & 18 seconds from 20(25) & 24(30).

Heal/ Stunbreak/ Shadowstep/ Lightning field on a 18 second cooldown.

Large Access to Self Condi cleansing and group condi cleansing which we convert convert to boons. Due to lower shield CDs, Anticorrosion plating, Lower Fumigate and Super Elixir cooldown.






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