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mechanist encountered problems and suggestions


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■ jade golem custom name don't stay after death.

■ signet only activating around the golem is a problem when the golem is in range mode while you play with a mace.
signets should activate on you AND the mech with a better verion coming from the mech.

■ no attack target order. give the attack order back.

■ give back toolbelt skills when golem isn't out.

if it is too much work to give signets a toolbelt skill then make so the golem skills can be used while it is not out (comes from the sky) but in a weakened version.

this will also help with the very low damage of the mace or the rifle.


■ 2 of the 3 passive trait give 50% and 100% of our vitality and toughness stats. isn't it useless to make it 2 trait passive instead of one 150% ?? and give the other passive trait something unique? like a big boom when the golem dies?

■ no dispel coming from the mechanist.

■ the golem sometimes go away if using the glider which trigger the cooldown and do not come back.

■ the golem summoning should not stuck you in place. the time you take summoning him while in battle can be a death sentence because of the self root.

■ sometimes the golem randomly summon itself after a set amount of time.. usually after unmounting a mount.

■ there should be an incentive to summon and unsumon the golem. make so a summoned golem bump enemies inside the summoning area and instantly trigger its special attack from the sky right after it get unsummoned.
in the same way, would be cool if the ultimate would just resest the golem summon cooldown so we can summon it in the area we want instead of in an random area around the character.

■ speaking of the attack from the sky, it is too random. make it consistant by triggering it only when hitting an enemy with a weapon (be it range or melee) with an internal cooldown which would be shown to let know the player that the golem skill is in CD. that would also avoid unwanted aggro while running aorund in PvE and PvP.


■ when dying (you, not the golem) the golem stay activated, hitting enemies a few second before disapearing.

skills activating by players input is always better than random stuff.

(would be cool if that attack from the sky would also be considered as using a toolbelt skill so it can synergize with toolbelt trait.!!!!!!!!!)


■ in WvW the golem dies withing seconds in bus fights. (even vs 3 players the goelm can melt very fast.)

■ if the golem could move while using skills/attacks and stay aorund the character it could help the poor AI in staying alive or following targets.
first it would be unique as ranger pets don't act like that and secondly the golem would move and attack according to the player playstyle while fixing the problem of being too far away when using signets.

basically making it  a moving turret that always tries to stay around a certain range of the player.


■ golem ultimate ability turns very slowly and thus very easy to dodge.


■ the golem ultimate beam attack does not have 1500 range as it is stated on the ability description.

■ underwater F4 skill should be usuable on the ground when golem is not out.

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- I agree with the above sentiment about giving toolbelt skills back when mech isn't out. Just make the Mech summon an F5 ability and keep toolbelt. Gives an opportunity for signets to have some useful toolbelt skills also that can further assist with with the boon support builds in content where mech is un-used such as underwater fractal.


- Underwater combat in general feels really bad, since you are stuck without mech and without tool-belt skills. Even if you didn't give full mech control underwater, three or four more "remote" mech skills would at least help.  Good luck if you are caught underwater in WvW.



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- Another thing is that it is said that losing toolbelt skills is your tradeoff being mechanist. But you also lose one traitline to the mech, because every trait is.. for the mech. So if its dead, then you are basically a core engi without toolbelt and with only 2 traitlines...

- And i dont know if i am the only one having this problem, but if I walk around out of combat, then the mech doesnt run smoothly. It seems to run with 5fps or so if it uses its .. jet engine? xD 

- And I think that tool kit should not only work on turrets, but also on the mech (maybe with less than 10% heal). Nobody uses tool kit and maybe it would be used then.


22 hours ago, ledernierrempart.6871 said:

jade golem custom name don't stay after death.

- Yeah and why cant you name it with numbers and special characters? The default version has a "1" and a "-". So we should be able to do that, too.

- The mech is supposed to inherit your stats like vitality, but its not working in pvp. The mech has only 26k hp, regardless what I take for an amulet (berserker or avatar for example). The same with power and probably the other stats. So its dying so fast and I feel I HAVE to take the elite signet to rezz it more often, because the 100s are way too high.


22 hours ago, ledernierrempart.6871 said:

sometimes the golem randomly summon itself after a set amount of time.. usually after unmounting a mount.

- And its annoying that it summons itself after you spawned again after a death in pvp.

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