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  1. 2v2 and 3v3 showed that the game was highly unbalanced. while it doesn't matter too much if al you have to do is take on points. and i don't think they want to use ressources and take the time in rebalancing everything like it should be.
  2. elem dies near a fort. go mist form and hide inside the fort. rez back.
  3. years ago it was less about blobs and more about little groups roaming around taking stuff. but after expac and "balance" patch behavior changed a bit. roaming became less important. lots of WvW players quit and were replaced by new players or PvE players who lost their way into WvW. and so blobbing became the only thing going on. something which were kinda fixed with the no downstate event. the main problem is that the bigger the blob the stronger it is. and if the blob has an organized group inside you wont do anything to it. and so the remaining roaming players felt
  4. tested double pistol condi gear with a mix of signet and core skills and it was actually okayish. definitively not the worst of the new spec BUT it still needs some work: what i think mechanist needs the most: _golem should take 100% of our gear stat no matter the trait used. (so we can use any combination of trait for the golem without the fear of using useless stats) _give engi the golem skills when it is not out but with reduced damage and effectiveness. think soulbeast. so we keep it original with still some toolbelt skills. _put golem underwater with sam
  5. i don't like the mini time cast on the wells. it feels clunky when most thieves skills are already instant. one of the well apply some condition on interrupt. but how can you interupt someone purposely when the well isn't instant?
  6. now the new harbinger feel like a fun pure condi ninja dps. dumno about build diversity but there is at least one build it is good at. but i ll be honest, i do not play with vile debuff at all. i only use elixir on the enemies, never on myself. vile debuff should give a better buff for compensation. right now the risk reward trade is not worth it in PvP/WvW. why not, instead of some damage%, give some buff instead? like if reaching 10% vile then give protec. then at 20% give ... you get the gist of it. simple flat bonus stat %isn't fun. maybe some kind of vile overload? like a way to
  7. i do like the changes made on the elixir. its so much better than what it was before.
  8. if they add back toolbelt skills when golem is dead people will play without the golem X) joke aside, no toolbelt skills for engi means: no invisibility no superspeed no aoe big burst no static discharge gameplay (it working with the golem is meh anyway) no stab except from elixir U in pve and WvW (stab in pvp is too low). (you will not use the stab from the goelm unless you play with support gear stat...) half of our break stun abilities are not usuable no heal on heal kit what do we have to compensate? an AI we can't even customize the way we
  9. mass feel lackluster in damage potential. and since we can have only one weapon... and miss elixir rifle break stun..
  10. mechanist ultimate damage is very poor and can't hit target on elevated terrain.
  11. one of the main problem i have with most of the new espec is how unfun and underwhelming they feel. (not all, but most of them.) since i main engi ill speak about it first. was scrapper fun when it first get out? yes. amazing hammer skills. clunky but unique gyro skill (which got fixed and are now better than ever.) a variety of trait for very different playstyle and made flamethrower build viable 🙂 [Click and drag to move] holosmith. YES. when PvE stats was still used for WvW it was like playing super sayan mode. very rewarding but also risky
  12. fun fact, most of them aren't super good in pvp and WvW either.
  13. elixir on engi aren't boring. gave access to either tons of boons with some that could be shared or very cool utility (miniaturization, superspeed, dodge refresh, invisibility, pulsing reviver, convert all condi to boons, transform into tornado/rampage and even transform enemies into MOA. can harbringer elixir do that? NO. only give boons.). harbringer on the other hand was only drink for some boons and gain blight to get killed faster. which was boring. mace is half condi. mechanist can actually be played condi tho it is heavily focused on confusion. scrapper flamethrower condi work
  14. it seems they don't want to change any of the core design of each spec. applying band-aids instead. mechanist underwater hasn't been addressed. f6, f7 are too far away from the hand. catalyst still lack leap/blast finisher. how do you generate aura?
  15. one word: underwhelming. only the spectre felt like it has a role to fulfill, even tho his new class spells are wierd to use. all the other ones are either inferior in what they do best compared to other spec (or even vanilla), or a mess.
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