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[NA] Pacific Travelers [PACT] (UTC+7 to UTC+12 time zones) Japan, OCX, SEA Guild & Discord Community


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I am bringing together players who live in UTC+7 though UTC+12 time zones (Asia & Oceania) on the North American servers.

We are a Japanese/English language Discord community and small close-knit medium-sized guild.
The only requirements are that you live in the above mentioned time zones or have a play schedule that would make you active during prime play times.
The only rule is respect each other. The guild is open to any and all people from various backgrounds.

The "common language" of the guild is English, however Discord also has Japanese language channels for Japanese or bilingual players (I live in Japan, UTC+9). As the Japanese GW2 community is quite small, I hope this is a place where Japanese players can come together, even if they belong to other guilds. It's also a great place to meet others interested in Japanese language and culture.

Make friends, create your own events, and ask for help on Discord. Consider this a "self-organizing guild." We are a small guild and cannot offer many of the "benefits" such as a maxed out guild hall, etc. as larger guilds. The purpose of this "guild" is to find people to play together within the same time zones and region of the world, not to get guild rewards/benefits. 

Our guild does not have rep requirements, unless we are running guild missions to level the guild.

We currently run exp (semi-exp okay!) raid clears for wings 1 & 2 on Mondays at 12:30 UTC (9:30 p.m. JST) and wings 3 & 4 on Tuesdays at 12:30 UTC (9:30 p.m. JST). Our guild is also looking for people willing to command raid clears (and potentially trainings) so that our commanders can take breaks without having to cancel runs. We also warmly welcome new commanders who are looking to improve their leadership skills! 

Of course you don't have to be a raider to join our guild. We're happy to have you introduce us to what you're passionate about in the game. Above all, we are also a social guild with many members interested in Japan (or are Japanese), so it's a good place to practice Japanese and just learn about different countries and cultures.

If interested or have questions, direct message me here on the forums or send a message to Sankyu#3301 on Discord. You can also send an in-game mail to me (forum user name).






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  • firedragon.8953 changed the title to [NA] Pacific Travelers [PACT] (Asia and Oceania time zones, UTC+7 to UTC+12) Japanese/English Discord Community
  • firedragon.8953 changed the title to [NA] Pacific Travelers [PACT] (UTC+7 to UTC+12 time zones) Japan, OCX, SEA Discord Community
  • firedragon.8953 changed the title to [NA] Pacific Travelers [PACT] (UTC+7 to UTC+12 time zones) Japan, OCX, SEA Guild & Discord Community
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Our guild is looking for exp or semi-exp raiders to help fill out scheduled HoT wing full clears on Mondays and Tuesdays at 12:30 UTC (9:30 p.m. Japan Time). Generally, we will aim to clear 2 wings in 90 min. each day. Requirements are that you are properly geared, have cleared W1 - W4 a few times, and feel comfortable with your profession/role (hitting 70% of dps benchmark on training golem if playing dps). We also would really like those to join us who are willing to command these once and a while so that regular commanders can have a break and runs can still happen. We warmly welcome new commanders looking to improve their leadership skills! Additionally, being able to multi-role is a plus, but not a requirements.

If you feel you meet requirements and can commit to any of these days and times at least a few times a month contact me via Discord. ID is Sankyu#3301

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