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FoV option breaking / camera zoom bug

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A video of the issue.


I believe the camera zooming by itself is already a known issue, but I have been getting random camera zoom while just running and looking around. Worse, the camera does not return to the original zoom.


Upon further testing I've noticed that whenever the weird self-zooming starts, my FoV bar in the settings breaks and stops working (it works at the start of the video, but no longer does at 0:46). If I keep jiggling the camera around with left / right click, eventually my camera FULLY zooms into my character, at which point the FoV bar starts working again.


This cannot be intended behaviour... I get that the camera zooms by itself sometimes when you run into something, but this goes much further.


Things I've tried:

- Running the client with `-prefreset` and `-repair`.

- Running with the dx12 plugin, no dx12 plugin but dx11 beta, and just dx9.


Nothing worked :C

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