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[EU][WvW][Scout][Roamer] LF WvW guild for Alliances/World-Restructuring


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I am a responsible and reliable scout looking to join a guild that is part of a balanced, well-rounded alliance that plays & thinks strategically in WvW. I am looking for a guild/alliance that values diversity and inclusivity as key principles. I am willing to be an alliance co-founder if necessary.

  • I play on EU; currently on Desolation, and may be willing to move before the next beta (whenever this happens to be).
  • I spend most of my time roaming & scouting, but I join zergs from time to time, especially if fighting action is low and karma train action is needed to fill the time.
  • I am not looking for a guild with mandatory WvW raid nights, but am happy to represent the guild at all times in WvW maps. I enjoy PvE content also, and expect to be allowed time to do this.
  • I normally play Reaper. Mithril rank (5200-ish) on my main account and Bronze rank (800-ish) on my alt account.
  • I like to use voice (i.e. Discord) both for listening and contributing.
  • I value a balanced approach to WvW; I feel every role has it's place (zerging, karma train, scouting, fights, blob-vs-blob, small scale, map clean-up, etc.) and I am happy to put my skills to use for an alliance which aims to win as often as possible/practical.
  • I play WvW mostly on weekends, frequently mid-to-late morning when population is still building; I can play weeknights also.
  • I often have enough play time to complete Diamond 6 pips for the week.
  • Fully-unlocked guild preferred, but at a minimum I am looking for a guild with full potion/tavern unlocks and WvW-focused guild missions, and alt-friendly.
  • I play a lot of hours in a week, but I am not really so hardcore. But I am also not terribly casual. Kind of middle-ground.
  • English is my mother tongue, but I am capable in German, and know a bit of French and Spanish, such that I feel I could adapt to multi-lingual and inclusive commanders/squads.

Serious inquiries only please; message me via these forums.

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