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Beta Feedback(3 Dec - 10 Dec)

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Glad to see you pushed forward with this Beta Test.

Issues I/We noticed:

1. Some members unable to join Guild in WvW even though they selected guild long before the deadline

2. Color issues: Objectives that belonged to us sometimes appeared as though they were another color. The only way to tell if we owned the objective while looking at the map was to look at the Supply Depots.

3. Scoring seemed to be off. I believe that some of the overall score each side received was skewed by the erroneous objective colors. At times we would own far more than others, or would own objectives like Stonemist Castle, but it would show as being owned, in the WvW Panel, as being owned by another server.

4. Team Names were not consistent. In our case we were on "First Haven" but we would link a waypoint like our EBG Spawn WP and it would read as "Seven Pines" Border WP. Plus we would see team names change on enemy players in the middle of combat.


Those are 4 distinct things I/We noticed during this week's beta test.

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