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Game not playing all sounds, when there are "too many"

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when I'm in a fight with "many" players like in a strike or fractal, also in open world, the game does not play all sounds.

Weapon sounds etc are played but not all. This would be totally fine for me, as along as my characters sound are played. 
It's like missing audio feedback, if I pressed the correct button, so I have to look at my char again, so see if the correct animation is running. 


Did anyone else experience something similar?

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I had this happen a lot in Dragonstorm back when it was first out.  Lots of character lines never played at all during the different stages of the fight, my own weapon and mount sounds sometimes wouldn't play.  Sometimes this happens during crowded dailies like the Svanir Shaman (Frozen Maw) too.

So it's not just you.

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