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[Ideas for new designs] Combining art with players suggestions!

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Hi everyone!

I was just imagining all the cool designs we could get for all kinds of items in-game. I thought it could be fun to create this thread where players can suggest new designs that they would like to see and then artists could use their skills to bring those ideas to live. Maybe Anet would even implement a few! 

 I'll get this thread started by sharing an idea for a new chair that I'd love to see: the design would be inspired by the Dreamwalker Wings glider 🙂 Here's how I dyed this glider for my Guardian:


(Trying to make the image appear here but not sure it's working)

For all artists out there who would like to do a concept art for a chair inspired by this design, I'm so curious to see your creations! And I can't wait to see what others suggest too! 

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