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Idea/suggestion about what should come after end of dragons.


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Story wise Guild wars 2 has been about dragon cycle and whit only one dragon left and assumably having its likeness in background of end of dragons promotional material, question of what comes after must loom ever greater on writers minds. I have a suggestion:

What id like to see after ocen dragon falls, is aurene trying her ”share magic whit mortal races” plan, but as she has made clear troughout story: her concern is balance that her Elder dragon colleges ignored, but as she shares magic that would open it for possibility that mortal races prove to be no better, mayby even worse. As aurene can see visions of the future storyline could be kickstarted by aurene seeing visions of magic sharing leading to cataclysmic event that would threaten the multiverse and aurene hoping to stop this would attempt a conference whit leaders of worlds factions, demanding restrictions that societies that have integrated magic to their daily functions could not accept, leading to a conflict that would divide allied and enemy factions and cast from stories previous steps into new sides of the conflict to decide what future needs to be. It would provide closure by needing to reaquint and negotiate whit previously met factions, cultures and characters about what this new world would be and brining previously met story elements back would allow clousre. As for need to fight aurenes crystal bloom would provide emotional stake as player has been key pillar in building up that faction and player could question wheter or not aurenes visions are inevetable or mearly a possible future thus leading to ultimatly unceirtain conclusion as player would be unceirtain if they actually did the right thing or not, or if there even was one and ultimatly hero would walk off to see the unceirtain future they broght into being. If written right it would be ideal end to story and thematically Great as question of what comes after dragon cycle is natrual ending point.

not sure if this is the right place to post about story, so sorry if its wrong one.

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