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Please fix Research Kit asap

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Not sure what you actually mean. Cause you can still salvage for the notes.


There has been a, let's say, downsize on the kinds of foods/items you can salvage with it though. 


And then there is an issue with items showing up as being salvagable but not giving notes.


There are a few other posts on this topic though. 

I have only tried the salvage thing for notes a few times (at first i thought a normal salavge kit would do it), but there seems to be a bit of tweaking going on aswell.

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Wouldn't say you can reliably salvage for the notes yet. I just had a Research Kit repeatedly eat player-crafted Cup of Potato Fries without returning any Research Notes. Reproduced the problem 120+ times to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Same results every time: Cup of Potato Fries was consumed without producing Research Notes or anything else. No output was displayed on the bottom right corner of screen and nothing was added to Inventory. I asked a guild friend who was there to double-check; she tried it and confirmed that she experienced the same problem. (This happened in the Royal Terrace, if that matters.)

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4 minutes ago, SandraSolace.7682 said:

What exactly is your problem with this?

There is still enough that you CAN salvage with the kit.

The point is that the salvage kit gives false information to the player. There are items out there that can be salvaged with the kit, but do not give research notes (the only reason to use a research kit).

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