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Jade bot needs serious rework

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Okay, we all got our little friend. What is it actually useful for, besides placing your personal waypoint, that doesn't even stick through switching maps?

Here is my list of feedback and how to improve jade bots, so that they are actually fun to use.
1. Jade batteries need to go. No, don't try to salvage the mechanic. Remove them, completely. From the world, from the dialogue, everything. Instead of batteries masteries, you can change those to "allows use of protocol stations", for example. Micromanaging them is A) incredibly annoying, when you reach something that requires a charge and you don't have it, or B) completely pointless, when the battery is literally next to the thing. Not to even mention the way it breaks immersion to have the map littered with stupid green boxes. Remove them and the need for them.
2. Free fly. Give us a mastery down the line (you can replace the "Energy efficiency" with it) that allows us to go to free fly ANYWHERE. Yes, even in core tyria. Make it a mastery skill, like its waypoint ability. Make it so that the bot can't be used to open chests, trigger stuff and generally interact, only have it as our little scout. Yes, generally useless, but hella fun more than what we have now. How often do you think players will use this mechanic, when you have to find a terminal? Same as with batteries: Less time micromanagement, more fun!
3. Same with workstations. Good idea on paper, useless annoyance in reality. Makes us just create our bot and forget it exists.
4. Cores (and possibly chip and sensors) have to absolutely be account wide, or easier to get and have more variety (in case of cores) Let us select a stat it boosts, if you are set on having it per character. Also, give us account wide sensor and chip "wardrobe", you collect once, it's not clogging up your inventory, you can swap on the fly as you like. Fun!

Okay, this is what needs to change in my opinion. Yes ANet, it's a lot of work, I know. But if you're not willing to go through a lot of work to deliver what players want, not what you intended, you can never have a "great game" instead of a "good game." 

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I pretty much agree with most of this.

I hate the batteries littered everywhere. They are both inconsequential and frustrating,

I hate that my alts have the mastery, but no ability to use it unless they get a power core. Especially frustrating that the zip lines are cut off for alts.

The zip line is the only thing I like about it so far. I guess others would like the free-fly ability, but it's not something I am interested in.

The various buffs it gives on your buff bar is too much clutter and makes it hard to read other buffs. How many battery charges do I have, let me check ... ok, not that blue buff, nope, that one is my birthday buff ... oh there it is. What's that number again, it's hard to read. I've always hated those light blue buff boxes with numbers that you're supposed to be able to read but in reality are a PITA.

Just really not impressed with the whole system. Some of the ideas are good, some of it is just busywork for the sake of it.


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