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why didnt they just make a raid version of dragon end meta

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I know a lot of people who were and are upset at the fact this expansion doesn't contain any raids, but why didn't they just make the meta into a raid. I mean sure I know they like to fix side stories with raids, But really they could of done it. kept a challenging boss fight (with challenge mode too) for the hard core elites of the game and then give a softer version of it as the meta. Hell they could of even given those that complete the raid fancy raid only skins for the turtle. It would honestly keep both sides of this meta argument a place to go and actually satisfy the raiding community that have nothing but years old content to do for the thousand time. Its not like strikes are that engaging lets be honest, they added more of those but not a single raid, but had time to design a raid like meta, that could have a raid mode to it.  

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