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Siege Turtle Skin Dye Channels should be different

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I know people are still fighting about the turtle acquisition problems but please leave those and similar topics aside while in this post.


The thing I want to bring into the room to discuss and in case for others to tell me if I am wrong about is the dye channels of the turtles skins in the new 5 pack.


Luminous Bastion and Deepwater Barbshell DO HAVE dye channels for the golden parts of the jade tech construction that is attached to the turtle.

Southern Terrapin DOES HAVE half a dye channel for those parts since the pieces that are attached to the shell outside of the boosters the canons and the seat so to speak the straps and the dragon head and tail parts do have a dye channel but not the aforementioned boosters, canons and the seat.

Magmaback Snapper and Painted River DO NOT HAVE any dye channel tied to the jade tech parts that are bolted to the turtle so they are always golden.


The fact that the green is not a dye channel is totally ok since it is THE JADE after all.

BUT the fact that the golden pieces are not dyable on 2 and a half of the 5 new skins kind of gets below my skin.


I think EVERY turtle skin should have 1 dye channel dedicated to the jade tech parts that are bolted to the turtle.


What do you all think?

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