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Jade Sea meta should start at the escort

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Instead of making us run around the map finding the occasional event to get a 20% damage buff, the buff should just come from completing all events from the escort. 

Running around the map trying to find events for an hour is just not fun, and also adds on too much time commitment.   GW2 was designed for you to "log in and play", but asking players to commit for 2 whole hours is a big reversal on that design which has worked well for years.

The meta event is currently in the phase similar to TT where a few specific guilds who organize subgroups with boons are able to consistently lead successful PuG events, whereas most other groups aren't able to do it yet.   But a 2 hour time commitment is just too big of a deterrent for people to keep trying, even if they do enjoy hard metas.


The damage buff is currently still required for these organized runs with proper boons, so I do think its reasonable to assume that the dps check will not get easier over time, because the only way that could still happen is if more people get raid gear.

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In my opinion, three things need to happen for this meta to become decent:

1) Put the meta on a two or three hours timer and have start it with the escorts.

2) Cap the scaling at 25 players. This will raise the success rate of the meta, as more than 25 players will bring dps but no further scaling.

3) Adjust the rewards to make it worth investing time into the meta.

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