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Fishing is great but need more deep.

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I was one of these guys very against fishing, but im turned in some sort of addicted.

Sometimes i navigate in old achievments, so i run in older maps.


I like "deep economics", and find great u dev guys cared about this, we can fish, we can sell fishing stuff or craft stuff, so its add a deep progression. We can make gold, and use gold to fish better.


But the skins is problem, im not talking about shiny stuff from gemstore, i talking about a basic, simple variations. Like gear we have common gear/skins, but its a lot.


The impression that lack of basic skins give is that content is rushed, and u guys run to make the gem-store ones.


My suggestion is to make more basic models based on what you already have in the game, both rods and skiffs and integrate it on "fishing economy", so them u really add deep progression in the feature.


In Bjora Marches, we have for example a Rod skin for staff, make it a skin for fish, bought with Bjora currencies.


Skiffs, we have a ton's of  rustic skiffs, "old ship" look used by NPC's in the game. would be great make "basic skins" based on them and leave the shiny ones for the gem store.. 


The current options of rod and skiff, is if weapon skins we only had to choose between 2 basic and the legendary / gem store.

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