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[SOLVED: it's a bug, not a feature] DX11 and accessibility

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I'm not sure if it has its place here, because it's not a bug, rather a change that degrades the player's experience. But honnestly, I don't know where to post those kinds of issues: Sadly, I couldn't find any "accessibility" category here or on GW2 support page... but that's a whole other topic to discuss.

Anyway, let's get to the point:
The DX11 is very pretty and all, but it removes the text's black contour. While in most of the UI it's rather better looking than with the previous DX, it becomes very hard to read texts in some cases:

- Most obvious: if you have a lot of objects (/ players / npc / enemies / whatever) near each others, the combined texts above them become an indistinguishable mass of unreadable characters.
- Then you have the background colors (green grass, redish lava, etc) of the text that can sometimes makes reading them pretty difficult. And let me tell you that for some colorblind people among us, that's even worse than what you can imagine. (And before you kindly suggest me some tools: yes, I already tweaked my pc to compensate as much as possible my colorblindness when I'm playing games).

So, please, could you give us an option, some checkbox in the graphics options maybe, that would allow us to restaure that dear black contour around texts?


Thank you in advance.

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Wait, you have the text contouring while using the beta DX11? For me it disapear whenever I activate DX11.

So... That a bug, not a feature!

Therefore, I'm going to close that topic and add my problem on top of the 17 pages long pile of the pined topic "DirectX 11 beta graphics issues". Yey...


Well, thank you.

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  • Mork.9532 changed the title to [SOLVED: it's a bug, not a feature] DX11 and accessibility

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