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Right clicking on a Red Herring fish will crash the game

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I just tried the client repair and the issue still occurs
Also i completed this collection recently 
Here's a small part from the crash dump 
*--> Crash <--*
Assertion: Bound collectible item in non-locked set: (96116) 
File: D:\Perforce\Live\NAEU\v2\Code\Gw2\Game\Ui\Widgets\Inventory\InvItemSlot.cpp(686)
App: Gw2-64.exe 
Pid: 7016
BaseAddr: 00007FF6E4300000
ProgramId: 101
Build: 126713
When: 2022-03-25T10:54:39Z 2022-03-25T12:54:39+02:00
Uptime:   0 days  0:15:26
Flags: 0

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