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Cool Idea: NerfBuff Poll - by Anet


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Hey everyone, here's a cool Idea

Every TWO WEEKS Anet holds a little Formal Poll in the forums, only people that have bought the game can vote.

Anet looks over a bunch of suggestions in the pvp forum and plants them in the poll, we then vote on it.This will bring MANY players to the gw2 forums and encourage better design and help Anet discover what the needsand wants of the pvp playerbase is. I have an example below!

Hello everyone, welcome to ArenaNet's [625th] Poll: Please vote below!

Fresh Air needs defence against retaliation: [Agree] [Neutral/I Don't Know] [Disagree]Deadeye needs to not do 37k damage in one shot: [Agree] [Neutral/I Don't Know] [Disagree]Scourge is too weak right now: [Agree] [Neutral/I Don't Know] [Disagree]Mesmer needs to be more offensive and less defensive: [Agree] [Neutral/I Don't Know] [Disagree]

Thank you for voting, here are the results:

Fresh Air needs defence against retaliation: 4,262 Agree :: 527 Neutral/IDK :: 1,526 DisagreeDeadeye needs to not do 37k damage in one shot: 5,152,211,594,591,289,551,821,589,158,158^10^100 Agree :: 4 Neutral/IDK :: 1 Disagree (chaithh)Scourge is too weak right now: 249 Agree :: 502 Neutral/IDK :: 492,582 DisagreeMesmer needs to be more offensive and less defensive: 4205 Agree :: 1579 Neutral/IDK :: 491 Disagree

The votes are In! : we will apply these changes next week. Thank you for your time ! - ArenaNet

This way - it's no longer about MY opinion, it's about the PLAYER's opinion.


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What a good idea, haha.Hey, that just gave me another great idea! Let's do the same thing IRL! We could ask the opinion of everybody once in a while to know who they think should take the decisions. I'm sure we can neglect the risk that the majority of uneducated people who don't even have a basic understanding of how things work use irrational thinking. They probably wouldn't be subject to a conflict of interests either. After all, we all know that being poor doesn't raise the chances that someone vote for a more socialist candidate, lol!

You guys don't want to understand the sad truth. If Anet can't do a proper PvP balance patch, it's not because they are not aware of the balance problems. It's because they just don't care. They are a company and their goal is to make money. And GW2 is not their only game. I read many times people saying things like "invest some of PoF shekels in PvP". That's not how things work. They don't reinvest income from a game into the game. Instead, they have annual income from many games (we're not talking about Anet but about NCsoft here), and they decide where the ratio of profit over investment is maximum. And it certainly is not in GW2, let alone in sPvP.The sPvP is a small community inside a small community, and we are talking about changes that would benefit NCsoft only in the most indirect ways. So what if the 2% of GW2 players who come here mainly for the sPvP are a little happier and half of them buy some gems because of how happy they are? With the same investment it would take for them to balance sPvP, they could design hundreds of gem store items that appeal to the 95% of players forming the PvE and casual community and have a return on investment 50 times greater.

You could argue that some small changes like tuning down the scaling of a skill with power/condi or tuning up a cd don't need any investment at all. But the problem is that Anet has proven times and again that they are not interested in the well being of the PvP community (or of the community as a whole, but they at least make a minimal effort to pretend to, as far as PvE is concerned). PvP is a half -assed, hand-waved afterthought that's only here so that the turbulent children will stop making a tantrum in the first place. You all think about Anet like they were a human. "Hey, why don't they do that? It would be nice for us and not cost them much or at all". But Anet is not an indie publisher that cares for its community and looks at its game like an artist looks at his art. They are even developing mobile phone games now. The second they believe GW2 is costing them more money than it farrows, they'll shut down the servers. They've already done it. They don't care.

All of the posts I read that try to appeal to the developers are cute but extremely naive and ultimately useless.

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@ Vote based balance:Everyone voting in his favor -> most played build/prof has the advantage -> fotm players will switch to that build -> even more players voting for that profWould probably result in a shit show.

@ You balancing stuff:Just no, primarily because you seem to have a very biased and self-centered view of the game. Also, balancing is no one person job, ANet probably has lots of discussions about this topic and if your written language somehow resembles your verbal one I don't see a constructive meeting happening.

ANet doesn't always deliver what one would like in the balance patches, but still, don't underestimate the dev's understanding of their own game. They've been deeply involved with it for years and know much more details (they also have better access to stats and probably tested hundreds of potential changes internally).In my opinion the state of the balance at the moment we owe to the shift of focus for the game ( -> PvE, more traditional MMO like), the increasing complexity and the unwillingness to properly separate balance between game modes. There has to be a lot of compromises from dozens of perspectives coming from completely different contexts. This means you can't really make it "right", you can just try to make it kind of bearable for everyone. This is probably also the reason for balance patches taking that much time. You need to find some consensus in the interpretation of the state of a collection of intertwined systems , which everyone experiences differently. And then you need to find a solution everyone can accept. This is hard.

ANet won't always do the best job at this but I doubt anyone or even a combined community effort would do any better. The devs are much more experienced in balancing, designing and creating GW2. What we can do is point out possible mistakes so the devs can learn from them and spark ideas about solutions (which devs might pick up if they find it to resolve something they see as a problem). Each point of view might offer something valuable but we are not the ones to decide.

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