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  1. Can you make the dagger 4 for ranger baseline 300 range longer like when https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Off-Hand_Training was in the game?
  2. Quickness on every sphere sounds like it is going to be too strong. Also, it would be better to keep Fervent Force and replace Restorative Strikes with Let Loose instead. Restorative Strikes is bad, it's getting nerfed again. Fervent Force is a much more interesting trait and hammer really needs it in PvP. Otherwise, everything else seems pretty good.
  3. Lower CA cooldown to 10s for PvP. 20s cd is way too long and inconsistent for what you want from a support. Lower heal glyph cd to 20s so it lines up with entering CA. 24s cd is awkward because it's not up when you enter. These are probably the only two changes druid needs to be good.
  4. 1. Celestial Avatar cooldown to 10 seconds please. 20 seconds is too inconsistent as a support in PvP. Alternatively, you could make CA cooldown start while in Celestial Avatar instead of beginning after you leave the form. 2. Lower the stealth duration on Celestial Shadow to 1s if either of the above changes are made. 3. Add damage back to Gazelle F2 please. The pet is fun but not good as long as Head Toss doesn't deal damage. 4. Heal glyph should be 20s cooldown in PvP to match CA cooldown. Otherwise, the heal combo for druid support becomes even clunkier because you have to wait 4 seconds after you enter CA to heal someone with it. 5. Increase the range/radii of ALL druid glyphs to 600 for the support side! 300 radius is too short to be reliable. You have to be standing directly on top of your teammate in order to affect them. Tempests, Core Support Guard, and Support Spellbreaker all have 600 range on their support skills. Druid shouldn't be an exception. The range increase to Glyph of Equality is good but please include the other glyphs as well! Really good changes overall though! CMC did a great job with this. This is probably the best patch PvP and WvW has gotten in years. I'm glad we're finally getting mechanical reworks!
  5. https://www.twitch.tv/blindside_tv/clip/TawdryAmazingLark4Head-teFkreeIEIovHlqP
  6. Here's a guide for willbender on youtube. It explains the playstyle and demonstrates damage combos and defensive rotations.
  7. Core ranger had a stronger and faster melee burst than soulbeast. Even if the soulbeast merged with their pet, the burst was still lower, but the benefit was the added survivability of the beastmode skills. Dagger mainhand is pretty mediocre in PvP. There are better weapon options. Why did you quote "remove 7 skills from a soulbeast's kit" then proceed to count how many skills a core ranger has in comparison to soulbeast?? Old soulbeast had 2x (4 pet skills + 3 beastmode skills) = 14 skills. Current soulbeast has 1x (4 pet skills + 3 beastmode skills) = 7 skills. 14 - 7 = 7 skills lost from soulbeast's kit, exactly what I said. You can't say "soulbeast-core ranger" because they will always have a different number of abilities.
  8. If you never merged, soulbeast was (and is still) just a weaker version of core ranger for pvp. There was already a tradeoff. Soulbeast does not have ANY additional bonuses unless you merge with your pet. You get the beastmode abilities and stats, in return, you lose the pet skills and pet damage. That's a tradeoff right there. You're saying losing pet swap to gain the ability to merge with your pet is the tradeoff but in reality all Anet did was remove 7 skills from a soulbeast's kit (3 beastmode skills, 4 pet skills). Merging does not make up for that.
  9. Soulbeast was / is weaker than core ranger unless you merge with your pet. When you merge to get beastmode skills and stats, you lose your pet's damage and skills. The tradeoff was already there. Currently, soulbeast has more than one tradeoff with the removal of in-combat pet swap.
  10. Here's an up to date beginner's guide to PvP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bsn8fcW_Ujs It'll teach you everything you need to know to get started.
  11. I stream live commentary on twitch @Blindside_TV on all of my ranked games starting at 8:30 pm EST (an hour and 15 minutes from now) every night. I main a ranger which I saw you were interested in. Feel free to ask me as many questions as you want!
  12. Channeled skills track targets in stealth as long as the cast started before they turned invisible.
  13. From what I just read, it seems like you're rotating fine and have the right mindset for playing thief in conquest. I'd suggest googling "gw2 welcome to pvp discord" and joining it so you can ask people there for additional help. There, you could even upload gameplay to youtube or send it to one of the coaches to go over if they have the time. I also agree with Allarius, just keep practicing and you'll be fine. 👍
  14. Pretty good video showing how to fight a ranger 1v2 while paying attention to the pet skills. This was pre-feb patch too when the damage was higher and I'm not getting nuked by the pets at all.
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