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  1. Channeled skills track targets in stealth as long as the cast started before they turned invisible.
  2. From what I just read, it seems like you're rotating fine and have the right mindset for playing thief in conquest. I'd suggest googling "gw2 welcome to pvp discord" and joining it so you can ask people there for additional help. There, you could even upload gameplay to youtube or send it to one of the coaches to go over if they have the time. I also agree with Allarius, just keep practicing and you'll be fine. 👍
  3. Pretty good video showing how to fight a ranger 1v2 while paying attention to the pet skills. This was pre-feb patch too when the damage was higher and I'm not getting nuked by the pets at all.
  4. You should try playing more patient against a ranger rather than porting in and throwing everything at them before you know what cooldowns they have up. How to counter those skills: 1. Barrage -> walk out of it before the first tick hits you 2. Rapid Fire -> LoS 3. Point Blank Shot -> Dodge 4. Hunter's Shot -> if the ranger stealths with this, dodge behind LoS if you know they're still in longbow or if you know they have weapon swap up, kite away so they can't maul you 5. Maul -> Dodge 6. Hilt Bash -> it's a stationary close range att
  5. The best way to carry ranked games is to kill things fast and power herald is definitely better than core ranger in that regard. Also, power herald has more mobility than core ranger so it can dance around the map just fine. They can rotate between points way quicker and more frequently than a ranger can. It's also pretty safe considering you can repeatedly port in and hit someone for like 7k+ as you're kiting away. Sword 2 on power herald has more base damage and range than maul while hitting in a circle rather than a cone. Also if you want the modifiers: 20% swift
  6. Did you know that power heralds can get more than 80% damage modifiers towards all of their attacks? That's like getting a stronger version of ranger's moment of clarity at all times but you don't have to work for it. I played a good amount of power herald in ranked this season and it's pretty easy to get 20 kills a match and 35-40% of the team's damage cause it kills so fast that your team barely has a chance to hit the people you target. Core ranger maybe hits 5k on a full rapid fire if it crits and the pets can do some damage if the enemy decides to stand still and
  7. https://i.imgur.com/CFenVhg.jpg https://i.imgur.com/AlPoQDH.jpg If you're having trouble dodging a stationary 3/4s animation attack, wait till you get hit for 7.4k from a base 1/4s cast time True Nature with quickness from a power herald.
  8. Learning how to dodge things that kill or hard cc you is part of getting better at the game. Pre-feb patch, equally skilled side noders would stalemate until one person messed up and the other capitalized on their mistakes. Now, I can hit every single skill on someone and it won't be enough to kill them. When strength runes were bugged and gave % damage per stack of might, I didn't die any more than I normally do. But hey, I had enough damage to kill 1vX again because I outplayed people.
  9. I think it's ridiculous that the best way to play ranger in comp has been to run decap druid because the rest of our side node options have been nerfed so hard it's basically pointless to run it against any of the meta builds. So imagine the balance team nerfs a class so hard that its is relegated to spamming knockbacks that don't do damage just so we can have some semblance of node presence. ... and then the knockbacks get nerfed too.
  10. Is the unblockable on lesser call of the wild still going to stay if the daze is going away? Ranger isn't meta and keeps on receiving nerfs over and over. There have been so many options, skills, and effects removed from ranger by now that I feel like I'm playing half the class I used to compared to what ranger had 2-3 years ago. Removed: 1. Greatsword auto evades 2. Greatsword crippling throw 3. Knockback range from greatsword 4 4. Combat pet swap on soulbeast 5. Damage on really important pet cc abilities like Gazelle F2 which is a nerf to 1/
  11. Warrior can spam CCs, the old spirit weapon dh could spam burns, there's also things that just cancer the node but at least you can hit those builds. Any builds that can spam blind is easy mode. People don't even have to pay attention 80% of a fight running that blind spam thief build cause none of their opponents' skills are going to hit hard or frequently enough to actually kill it in a 1v1. Not that the build is unbeatable, but it hard counters a lot of things cause they don't have multihits or enough sustain to 1v1 it for an extended period of time. Anyways it's not fun to f
  12. Blind spam isn't fun to fight against in my opinion. Any builds that can spam or pulse blind frequently are pretty easy to play cause they just mitigate so much damage for free. And yeah the only build I've seen that can easily take and kill this 1v1 is prot holo with laser disk and that's only if the thief overextends instead of just shadowstepping away. I know you listed a ton of builds but it doesn't matter what they're running. If they don't have a lot of very frequent and constant multihits or extremely high uptime on resistance, this thief build can basically ne
  13. Yeah it's basically like playing pre-nerf ranger with lb/gs or decap druid. You can decap and maintain neutral nodes but you can never hold them fully capped because of the stealth. This thief build can't bunker the node while holding the cap but it can pretty comfortably push into many different 1v1 matchups just cause the blind spam nullifies 90% of the damage they would normally take without them having to really burn any defensive cooldowns to avoid them. I've played it and against it enough times to know that it's pretty low (basically nonexistent) effort with medium to high
  14. This blind spam build has been around for a while. Probably won't get nerfed until more people abuse it in ranked. Here's a few videos showing the build: 1. Poor warrior, he hit me 2 times in a fight that lasted 25 seconds cause I just kept blinding him. 2. Full fight 3. Watch how I miss SEVEN attacks in a row with quickness at this timestamp because of how frequently I get blinded. 6 of which were autoattacks I was spamming which is the fastest way I can deal damage outside of rapid fire + barrage. Smokescreen OP
  15. The february patch and the reworks leading up to it were still the worst things Anet has ever done to this game. This thread and the "https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/97262/why-increasing-cooldowns-does-not-reduce-spam-and-can-even-make-spam-worse#latest" one are both really good.
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