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Sugestions All Mode Game Quality Improvement

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I would like to make a suggestion that can improve both the pve and the competitive game modes, make the blessings and conditions have two transparent bars, and that when you obtain or suffer a condition this spot lights up with or its normal icon appears with the number of charges and the same effect for the remaining time that the blessings and conditions already have, in this way, for example if you have to evade a skill you don't have to go crazy looking if you have stability before evading, or in the same way if you have traits that eliminate certain conditions when evading you don't have to go crazy checking between all the blessings, conditions, buffs and debuffs if you have or if you don't have because it's easier to search and locate a fixed icon, see if the blessing is on and how many charges of that blessing you have left and the time it has left before it disappears. This would help to more effectively use unique effects that are not easy to achieve, such as conditions that we must eliminate prioritizing according to our traits or abilities and blessings that we can take advantage of if we have them or not.

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this game is shold be GW= google wiki 2.bcs you spend 90% of time on google or wiki.to know how to play.its good?no.i have playing another game.and was out from it few years back.it was fresh and lot bugs.but now im back and i so so enjoy after GW2.you dont need to google everhy item where you dont know what it is.if you see item you klick he shows new pic where is made from.and always on end you know how to get item.craft grow or its drop from mobs.then salvage,it shows what you get if salvage.but gw2 is so pain,you need use wiki.bcs all what is in game its name.if its sword e.g. so its written not how to make,but all stats.how to make?in my another game,you klick sword it shows iron blocks,you klick on block it shows iron ore.so you know ore you need go to map and get it.then come back and make all what need.here you need recipe.where its not told .you need google.there all very hidden,total mess in window,.you open and put your all time to find how get recipe.next you need find what to get in it.next is skyscale.so so disgusting way to get it.you need for first addons.if you lucky after 20 mins you done.and ready to go.but then again you will need google youtube and wiki,to find out what to do .so need buy some expansions.and then do some story wher eno option to SKIP boring dialogues.but story not worst part.worst is achievements.2 weeks to get mount.then you lose wish to play.a ye need some gold to buy some stuff .or you can make easy achievemnts to get grifon.but there need 250 gold.got skyscale.then got max set ,and what last is get jewelry.and im done.lost wish to play it.2 months of google and youtube kill my wish to play.its not game its a JOB.where you not get paid.you need pay for that job. now new event,lets see how he is disgusting.i can bet in 5 mins i will find out.- a ye dragon storm: champion for branah ,your self,one laAST pushhh blahblah.every day if you want gold.it so kill wish to play omg.- " MY JOB IS BETTER THAN YOURS!" oh ye that NPC is right 100% my job is goodle wiki youtube when he just walk around 😄  now event. wow i feel like im kid again,but no when i was kid any game was look better, super mario that first he looks better .bad joke event.i chose story,was sure it wil be no skip.yep i enter no option to skip.so altF4.where is fun of guild war?google+wiki+youtube.what players find here fun have no idea.to get fly mount is just get place where you cant come.e.g. where need jump you can fly.but realy,you can understand that there no what to do.crafting- useless.farming,you spend 5 g to get node,where need 1 month play to get gold back.gathering...hmm.you need spend all day to get stuff where you can make cloches part for sell.if you want waste time for feel pain this game is welcome G+W+Y= GW2

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