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  1. No it isn't. What are you talking about? You jumped into the topic four pages in with an off-topic idea, and you are now using your own personal communication skill failures to attack anyone that disagrees.
  2. ...okay, and what about roles? How do you LF a handkite?
  3. When you're doing your guild run, and make a mistake, and the commander tells you that you made a mistake, is your response to them: "I'm doing fine, you've got some issues friend"?
  4. What is the "requirements" for "do DPS"? What is the requirements for someone who joined as a boon, while not providing said boon, but doing DPS? Do the "do DPS" requirements apply to this person, or did he somehow find a super secret loophole that makes him unkickable because he didn't join as a DPS? Is it OK to kick him instantly if he isn't a boon, if he joined when team was looking for boon?
  5. Runes, sigils, jade bot cores; none of these are soulbound, all fit a "similar" slot and purpose as a relic, and all are exotic. This did not have to be this way.
  6. All those three are either slower or less adaptive (or both) than CeleEle of either flavour, and only Reaper approaches the Immortality of it.
  7. Yes, but consider that deleting yet another popular playstyle from instanced will add yet another, rather large, divide between faffing about in open world and high-end content among the playerbase.
  8. In an ideal world, 30k would be the absolute top, and the difference between rotation and "just stand there and AA" would be ~50%, not 200, but alas...
  9. This is a recipe for "ranged is deleted from instanced PvE".
  10. That was an incredibly daft idea, because "this target can be damaged only in melee" means the rifleman can get in close and let rip, but "this target can be damaged only from range" means melee twiddles thumbs for a minute. Nothing good came of it.
  11. One single baked-in skill does not a spec mechanic make. Especially if it is irrelevant in most of the game/used only for a boon bump.
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