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  1. Raids and fractals have a hub. You access all of them from the hub. You return to the hub when done. You can spend reward currencies at the hub, too. A barest minimum of engagement was needed to at least show you have an interest in the content, OP, and you failed this most basic step.
  2. Not a track 😞 Tracks are easier to get. This is a sound effect.
  3. I suspect that will be very dirty, because the sound only appears next to other sounds in busy events and such.
  4. I want to set the threatening vibrating reverb that plays from, for example, Soulless Horror walls as my ringtone. Dunno how to search for this. Can anyone help?
  5. Mandatory Archy/Vik legends? No other legends possible? I hope I misunderstand that. Seems highly limiting.
  6. I, too, want land use water weapons. Some of them are nice. Would expand a whole section of skins to people.
  7. We're talking about team content, personal quickness is irrelevant. I... may have forgotten about the double proc of the heal.
  8. Core and Reaper have 50% damage reduction from all sources while in Shroud. Scourge, utilizing barriers, doesn't. Or shouldn't, but there was a tiny bug introduced very recently that gave him 50% damage reduction upon activating the Desert Shroud barrier, which lasted AFAIK while the barrier held. It is currently unknown if Harbinger will have the damage reduction, since he "enters" shroud, but doesn't replace HP. In the beta, he had no damage reduction, so...
  9. Not advocating for bundles, just saying how and why it worked in gee dubs.
  10. What 60%? Teapot's ends at 53.6% BD, where quickness lasts 3.84s per application. With alacrity, this almost results in full coverage (but there's also casting times to worry about). Maths: Kinetic Accel: 2.5s Boon duration: 53.6% Final: 3,84s Medic gyro: 20s CD = 0,192 Blast gyro: 25s CD = 0,154 Shredder g: 20s CD = 0,192 Bypas coat: 30s CD = 0,128 Function g: 25s CD = 0,154 Total = 0.82 With alacrity: Medic gyro: 16s CD = 0,24 Blast gyro: 20s CD = 0,192 Shredder g: 16s CD = 0,24 Bypas coat: 24s CD = 0,16 Function g: 20s CD = 0,192 Total = 1.024
  11. Ritualist was energy management oriented in GW1 because of the bundle mechanics, allowing you to hide your weaponset energy from your enemies until you're ready to use it, then yoink it away again. Energy hiding was big in GW1.
  12. Rangers and Revenants have control effects that proc even if target can't be controlled, so...
  13. Crazy, utterly insane idea, lifted shamelessly from the Reaper: Bloody Roar - Gain 3s Quickness and Swiftness every 3s while in berserk mode. Base berserk mode should have a tiny bit lower cooldown. 12s base? 10? Not under 10. Also, an *inversion* of default Rage functionality for the heal (it *ends* berserk, instead of extends, with extra +7% healing per second of berserk removed).
  14. Well, to be fair, Ele DPS is uncontested *on paper only*.
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