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  1. Braver polarization of the elementalist weapon skill sets, so that not all sets of a particular element offer stun or heal or whatever, and that some are maybe kinda more good at something, while lacking something entirely. Ditto polarization for power/condi for some weapons/elements.
  2. I'll honestly miss your rants 😛
  3. This reminds me of the guy that presses the power button when prompted to press any key.
  4. The state of the elementalist is partly because "they can have tons of skills, so they need to be weak". The only high end viable engineer is very recent, and it literally made possible because it pretty much has to devote all non-weapon skills to a non-kit. The "these guys can have tons of skills, we need to tread carefully" thing is really keeping ANet from taking some steps here. Meanwhile, Firebrand.
  5. I have been trying to do this for days now. The event chain is impossible to complete. It is bugged, it is disrupted, the scaling is bonkers, the time limits are too tight. 1. Two "give over a few dozen crates to each of the NPCs" events are far apart. They can easily be disrupted by the spawned tornadoes, making the meta fail. 2. The next step, building the meat mountain, can also be disrupted by the tornado, making it inaccessible for half the time limit. 3. The meat mountain can bug out, too, and not spawn or respawn *any* meat for a player for minutes at a time. 4. The
  6. With this attitude, you can shoot down any suggestion for improvement in any area of the game, so long as it is not a fifty-page tome of changes that rework everything into an entirely new paradigm. Your earlier comment about "omg elixir and medkit too much op" made me thing you misunderstood the idea. This just confirms it. With this change, they'd be *solidified* into *always* having one kit. Always that one extra array of skills. All specific-kit traits? Global. Juggernaut? Stab and might with *any* kit, as an example. Perhaps with this, they might, *might* give back we
  7. PVP-only stats, such as Paladin, Demolisher, Sage would be neat. Also, offensive, power-based, non-condi expertise really needs to exist.
  8. For engineers, the mandatory "kit" would effectively and officially replace their weapon swap. Merges because elixir and medkit have some tiny overlap, and each "skill type" needs to have 4 utility skills total, as there would be *no* heal or elite kit.
  9. Firebrands' tome skills share cooldowns. Use F1 #3? Can't use F2 #3 or F3 #3. Engineer? No more elite or heal kit skills. Elixir and medkit get folded into one skill. Utility #3 becomes a mandatory, single, only kit skill. Elementalist? No more of that "cast conjures on the ground" nonsense. Just a kit-like skill with a cooldown. Lowest impact from this.
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