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Problems with skiffs and fishing holes

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1. Problems with skiffs

I'm not sure if this is working as intended, but some of the fishing pools are so close to jumping puzzles that you can't reach them by skiff because you are forcibly dismounted.


I'm not sure if this is working as intended. I assume that skiffs are coded as a mount, which would mean all mount-prohibited areas would apply to skiffs as well.


If this outcome is not intentional, and/or to help some of us retain stacks on our skiffs, could this dismount be removed for skiffs?


2. Problems with fishing holes

For some of them, their placement is really bad. I just lost 58 stacks of Fishing Party Catches. There are three offshore pools in Straits of Devastation that are very close to each other. I'm after a dawn/dusk fish, so I only have 5 minutes in which to catch it. The Northern Invasion of Orr event started. The ship came up through me and the fishing pool, and I was stuck inside the ship. I had to waypoint, losing my fishing stacks. This doesn't appear to be a good idea - placing a fishing hole at the same location as a pre-existing object with a fixed spawn location. The dawn/dusk 5-minute period combined with the distance between pools is annoying enough on its own.  So no Giant Octopus for me 😞

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