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Will EoD Timers be updated?

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I've been working on getting all the achievements in EoD and I got to say some of these maps have really bad timers on when events start and spawn. I managed to get all of them in Shinji and Kaineng but it was really miserable since there are some events up nearly all the time and others that almost never spawn.


Echovald I must say feels like there must be some kind of bug or missing decimal place because the map is completely dead for long periods with only the same 4 events respawning over and over while waiting hours trying to get some of the event to spawn is an actual nightmare. The Amber elemental champ takes forever to spawn. 


Help the archaeologists extract relics from their magical wards (80) at Zu Heltzer Historical Site takes way way way way way too long to respawn where you get one or no shot at trying the event between metas because you placed it right on top of a way point so its always scaled up way beyond the number of people doing it so it fails a lot being up only close to the meta it seems when lots of people are afking.


Idk just overall I'm very unhappy with the earpiece of just trying to do the new EoD content since it requires so much waiting around. I'm not sure why since so many living story season maps with good metas don't have this issue which is why I ask if you'll be refining this so new players having a better experience.

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